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It Takes Nothing More Than Words

I would imagine when the Wright brothers, who are attributed to inventing the first successful airplane, thought their journey to success was a mountainous task.  Many people believed that this feet could not be accomplished.  However, in spite of what others thought and many others believed was impossible, these brothers …

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Four Actions Every Dreamer Should Take

Everyone has dreams but very few people make their dreams a reality. The dreams we have are usually connected to our purpose for existing, but how do we fulfill our purpose? In this article, we’d like to discuss the four actions every dreamer should take.  For those of us who’ve …

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Making the Impossible Possible?

“If you can believe, all things [even your dreams] are possible to him who believes.” – Notice He didn’t say if you were saved, born-again or even baptized. He never mentioned any degree nor educational qualifications. He didn’t disqualify anyone by age, gender, race or social class. He said if …

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