Making the Impossible Possible?

“If you can believe, all things [even your dreams] are possible to him who believes.” –

Notice He didn’t say if you were saved, born-again or even baptized. He never mentioned any degree nor educational qualifications. He didn’t disqualify anyone by age, gender, race or social class. He said if you “believe”.

Sounds too easy doesn’t it? If you believe your dream can come true it will. That includes that product launch, that new business, that nonprofit organization.  Maybe it’s a book or song you want to write. Anything that you can dream of, it’s your heart that determines whether or not it’s possible for you.

No one else can do it for you.  No one can believe for you. Not mamma. Not daddy.  Not your best friend. This part is solely yours.

How can I believe in something that doesn’t exist today?
Everything that exists today didn’t yesterday – yesterday meaning the day before someone created it. Get around others who create similar things as what’s in your heart. Follow them on Facebook or twitter if you can’t get close to them. Do something that no one else does.

How can I create something when I don’t believe I have what it takes?
Learning to believe it’s possible for you is the first step.  Again, get around someone else who has done something similar. You’ll be amazed when you find out there are others like you. It builds faith knowing that someone like you did something that you can’t believe is possible.  Next pray about the next step you should take. Just the very next step, question, or action.

This will make you uncommon in doing the impossible.

Common is doing what’s possible, but no-longer-common is doing something no one else does –the impossible.

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