NLC Prayer Disclaimer

We believe that prayer is nothing more than communicating with God. It’s our “direct-connect” to Him and He is always available and ready to hear from us. What prayer is not, is a magic wish list for you to receive your wishes as if you’re wishing upon a star, although God is in the business of making your dreams come true. Prayer is not miracle-making in action. Don’t get me wrong a miracle can be the result of our prayers. Miracles require actions and are the result of someone taking action on behalf of another. I like to say it this way, as followers of Christ (Capital C-Christians) it’s our responsibility to make miracles happen in the lives of others.

Common is waiting for a miracle to happen in your life; no-longer-common is making a miracle happen in another’s life.

With that said, prayer is not a miracle, it’s our conversation with God which gives us insight on how to respond to our situations and the world around us.

The no-longer-common prayer responses are different than any other prayer responses that you might receive when someone says they’re praying for you or with you. The no-longer-common prayer responses most likely will have an action for you to take in light of the prayer request. We believe that in order to have God move in our direction will require us to move in His direction and to please Him requires our faith -what we believe- which is made obvious in our actions.