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    When Ordinary is No Longer Enough Today is When Ordinary is No Longer Enough! Have you thought about who you really want to become? Some people step out into the real world wanting to become doctors or lawyers. Some want to put up their own businesses, while some choose to …

The Progression of Prayer

If prayer is a sport that means you’d have to prepare like an athlete. In sports there are progressions to being prepared and the same is true for prayer.

Relating Prayer to a Sport

What if you could compare and contrast prayer with any sport? What would that mean for you and how your prayer-life is working out for you? If prayer is like a sport then that means there is a lot more we need to know about it, if we desire to go to the next level in prayer.

It’s Worth Talking to God Over

Waiting on God’s Response Talking to God and Prayer – Part 5 What have you learned recently about prayer?Following a Sunday service, …

A Conversation with God

In this final installment of “Talking to God verses Praying” I want to sell the next level prayer action of talking to God. Praying is good, but to take good to the next level requires having a conversation with God.

Do You Know God?

Doesn’t how well you know a person determine how you communicate with them? How does how well you know about God impact how you communicate with God?

Interactions With God

Since we’ve discovered that prayer isn’t talking to God like we think, in this installment we take a look at what it means exactly to speak with God.

The Real Meaning of Prayer

Next level prayer will require one to true-up one’s definition of the words themselves. What does “pray” and “prayer” really mean? Do we even have a good definition?

A Limited View of Prayer

In this message, we introduce the concept that there is a difference between talking to God and prayer. It’s this concept that reveals that there is more to prayer than how the majority define it.

Next Level Prayer Starts Here

In this message, I’d like to give you the starting point for a person who wishes to go to the next level in prayer. Jesus’ disciples give us insight into what it looks like to desire more in prayer.

Your Prayers Work So Never Give Up On Them

Next level pray-ers (people who pray) unlike an average pray-er will not give up on prayer. In fact, never giving up is a characteristic of one who prays at the next level.