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    When Ordinary is No Longer Enough Today is When Ordinary is No Longer Enough! Have you thought about who you really want to become? Some people step out into the real world wanting to become doctors or lawyers. Some want to put up their own businesses, while some choose to …

Designated Places of Prayer Away from Home

This message focuses on the designated areas of prayer we find at home. Places we pray at home include: a place for quiet time, prayer closet, the shower, dinner table, bedside, and in bed. Find out here, why these places create a prayer dilemma.

The Designated Places for Prayer

We’re beginning a new topic addressing the places for praying. When you pray, what does the environment look like? In this next chapter, we’re covering the various places we find prayer.

Enhancing My Legacy Through Prayer

In this message, we conclude the business of prayer with our last department, legacy. What might you do if you had a legacy department for your life?

Taking Human Relations to God in Prayer

In this web-post, we’d like to use the example of how a company using its HR department aids its employees to give one an idea on how to use this concept personally to aid the people in one’s world. If your life, which is the business God has given you, has an HR department, how’s yours operating?

Preparing Your Gift for Others

This web-post is devoted to praying for how one markets oneself. In the business of prayer, we must give much thought to our purpose for living as well as how we promote it. This and more in this web-post.

You Father Are Good Enough

We really would like to flip the scripture on how fathers (dads) are seen. We’re letting dads know this Father’s Day that they are good enough to be a next level dad.

Using Prayer to Become More Productive

This installment focuses on opening your eyes to what you do to be productive. How many prayers have you sown towards your productivity? If you’re not at the level of productivity you desire, you need to increase your prayer seeds.

8 Ideas for Addressing God Regarding Your Office Administration

The purpose of this web-post is to provide insight in how to take prayer to the next level using the idea of how your life, home, and family has an office administration department similar to most companies. We focus on answering the question of how are you maintaining the office that runs your home?

Reporting on Your Facilities

What are your plans for your dwelling and possessions, otherwise known as your facilities? In this message, we teach how you can prepare a forecast for The One you must answer to for your life which is the business God has given you.