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    When Ordinary is No Longer Enough Today is When Ordinary is No Longer Enough! Have you thought about who you really want to become? Some people step out into the real world wanting to become doctors or lawyers. Some want to put up their own businesses, while some choose to …

A Limited View of Prayer

In this message, we introduce the concept that there is a difference between talking to God and prayer. It’s this concept that reveals that there is more to prayer than how the majority define it.

Next Level Prayer Starts Here

In this message, I’d like to give you the starting point for a person who wishes to go to the next level in prayer. Jesus’ disciples give us insight into what it looks like to desire more in prayer.

Your Prayers Work So Never Give Up On Them

Next level pray-ers (people who pray) unlike an average pray-er will not give up on prayer. In fact, never giving up is a characteristic of one who prays at the next level.

Your Life Is The Product of Prayer

In this message we discuss a basic principle that is commonly missed as it relates to prayer. That principle is simple. Your life is the product of prayer, words prayed.

Shut Up and Pray

In this message, I would like to discuss what it takes to move from 099 prayer to 101 level prayer. To make this jump we must identify what it looks like in 099 and what it can look like in 101.

Prerequisites for Prayer 101

In this message, we share a few prerequisites that one must consider when moving forward with Prayer 101. Prayer 101 is the same as choosing the journey to becoming a next level person.

Prayer 099 – Part 4

In this message, we describe a few prayer practices that are considered prayer, but are often used as substitutes for simply asking God for what we desire. As a result, our outcomes in prayer more times than not come back short of what we hoped for.

Prayer 099 – Part 3

In this message, we take a look at a number of prayer postures that have been passed down throughout time. Using these prayer postures, how can we take prayer to the next level?

Prayer 099 – Part 2

In this lesson, we address some assumptions we’ve been led to accept as it relates to prayer. As we reveal these assumptions, we give ideas on how we can take the knowledge we have of prayer to the next level.