• Next Level Prayer Disclaimers

    Before we get into any of this material, we thought it would be best to provide a disclaimer. That way you know what to expect or rather what not to expect from our theme for our next set of series called “Next Level Prayer.”

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    When Ordinary is No Longer Enough Today is When Ordinary is No Longer Enough! Have you thought about who you really want to become? Some people step out into the real world wanting to become doctors or lawyers. Some want to put up their own businesses, while some choose to …

Introduction to Prayer 101

Unfortunately as it relates to prayer, most of us are at a Prayer 099 level. We think we know what prayer is and have a Prayer 101 level understanding. In this lesson we discuss why this level of understanding is uncommon.

What If You Took Prayer to the Next Level?

In this post, we explain why prayer must go to the next level. We generalize the results a normal person receives from prayer and ask the question how we can improve these results.

What to Say to a Father?

This Father’s Day message identifies the challenge found in a father’s lack of involvement. One solution to counteract this challenge is by restoring his peace using the right things one should say to a father.

Why You Pray The Way That You Do?

In this message, we will build on the idea of “what prayer looks like to you” and provide some next level insight into “what prayer can look like for you.”

Who Taught You How to Pray?

In this opening series, we discuss or better yet reveal, one of the first and most important myths and challenges as it relates to prayer. We use this finding as the foundation for building next-level prayer.

Overview of Next-Level Prayer

In this message, we give a brief overview of the thirteen topics we’ll be discussing in order to lead others in taking prayer to the next level.

Introduction to Next-Level Prayer

As an introduction to next-level prayer, we discuss the huge gap found between what we imagine prayer to be and what prayer really is.