It Takes Nothing More Than Words

I would imagine when the Wright brothers, who are attributed to inventing the first successful airplane, thought their journey to success was a mountainous task.  Many people believed that this feet could not be accomplished.  However, in spite of what others thought and many others believed was impossible, these brothers believed in what no one else would.  As a result, they began telling others of what they were doing.

Define Your Mountain
“Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain”
There is nothing difficult about speaking to a mountain, your mountain.  For the Wright brothers it was concurring flight for mankind.  For you, your mountain is something totally different, but you do have one.  The only difference is your mountain will remain until you decide to talk to it.

No-longer-common is having the courage and confident to boldly talk about the things you believe that no one else does.

Tell Your Mountain What to Do
“Be taken up and thrown into the sea”
In speaking to your mountainous dream, you must tell it what you want it to do, become, or produce.  While talking seems relatively simple, it’s a hard chore to speak to something you believe isn’t possible.  Nothing will ever happen to your dreams with this attitude.  You have to find something about your dream that you believe is possible, talk about that, see it come to pass, and then move on to the next thing you believe is possible for your dream.  Repeating this process is no different than “how one would eat an elephant”, one bite at a time.

Common is trying to move a mountain without believing it’s possible.

Get a Believable Perspective of the Mountain
“and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass”
Sometime it takes you taking a step back.  I’m sure the Wright brothers didn’t envision flight in the way we see it today with airports and airlines flying people around the world.  They saw an aircraft that supported only one.  Your vision or goal might be the size of airports and airlines, but you have to begin with the part of the vision small enough for you to believe and talk about.  Believing is the key to your dream, no matter how big or small, becoming reality.

Place the Dream on Autopilot
“it will be done for him.”
Nothing will be able to put a stop to your dreams and goals, not even if it were impossible.  Whether you’re a Christian (big ‘C’) or not, these principles will work for you because it’s 100% truth. Take a look at every example you can find where someone accomplished what others said was impossible.  Could it be that ordinary people just don’t do impossible thinking?  If that’s the cause it’s time you left ordinary behind.  I believe there’s some “impossible” thinking inside of you.  If the Wright Brothers, made “impossible” commercial flight possible, what is the “impossible” in you waiting to become possible?  The world is waiting on you to become uncommon.

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iPray: Like the Wright brothers, I believe in something mountainous and I talk to my mountain until it becomes a reality in Jesus’ name.

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