What Direction Are You Headed?

You’re headed down a path that many have walked.  You’re traveling down a road that’s a main throughway for the majority.  The path or road you travel isn’t new.

I like talking to older people. At least those older than me.  They give me insight into the future.  They already know where I’m headed.  Especially if I decide to take the normal path.  I bet you don’t know what I like more than talking to older people, I like talking to younger people.  I know exactly where they’re headed.  We’ve already made the mistakes they’re either making or about to make.  For example, teach a teenager how to drive and 2 years later they think they can drive better than the teacher.  It’s amazing that most adults know exactly what their teenagers will face.  How about the new employees that come on the job?  I bet you already know what challenges they will have?  That’s because you’ve already walked their path.

20160605-What Direction Are You Headed- BlogWhatever you do requires you to take a step.
If you’re walking down a path, it means you’re taking steps.  One foot before the other.  Normal people travel a common path.  They travel a path that’s already worn and gives them a clear indicator where to step next.  Whatever you do requires a step.  Ordinary people like to take the step that appears safe.  Risk free.

Did you know that being uncommon takes no more energy than being common?  The effort to take a step is the same in either case.  The only differences is where you step.  Instead of going the way of the obvious trail, you take a different path or you might even make a path for others.  Are you courageous enough to take a different path.  (Allow me to go left for a second.)
Why are you so scared to take a different path?
Who has you captured and afraid to make a move?
What happened to you that’s caused you to fear change?
Who told you, you couldn’t do it?
What’s your problem?

Are you afraid to live a life that demonstrates that God made you?  Ohhh that’s it!  You’re afraid someone will find out that God created you for much more and so to hide His existence you’d rather deny your gift, your talent, your skill and your abilities.

You’re headed somewhere, anyway.
Why would a person want to travel in a destination they never chose or set?  That’s what normal people do.  They travel miles, a lifetime, to a destination they never intended on going.  They did what everyone else was doing.  They went with the crowd.  I don’t want that to be you.  I want you to be who you know you should be.  I want you to do all that’s down inside of you to do.  I want to see you go places that others only dream about.  What’s your next step? Will you continue on the same path or will you take a different one?  You’re headed somewhere, but where?

Here’s what happens when you follow the normal path:
You’ll end up with poor grades.
You might even get pregnant out of wedlock.
You might find yourself marrying the wrong person.
You’ll find yourself struggling in school.
You might find yourself in a dead end job.
You’ll find yourself not satisfied with the life you’re living.
You’ll find yourself settling for things you never thought you would.

Is this really where you want to be heading?  You’re headed somewhere anyway, but where?

You get to have, be and achieve what doesn’t happen to normal people.
Normal is plain.  Normal plays it safe.  Normal is predictable. Normal lags behind.  Normal doesn’t stand out.  (Oh no… Left here I come). Normal is the person who lies about their life so that it sounds better than their reality.
Normal has a failing marriage, but tells others it’s good.
Normal is the person who has performance issues on their job, but blames their boss.
Normal is having children who aren’t doing very well in school and have little respect for their parents, but tells others how great they are.  Normal is the person who uses Facebook to show highlights of their life that aren’t reality.
Normal is the person who needs social media’s affirmation, because they can’t get it anywhere else.

Why choose to remain normal?

You know what I like most about being uncommon?
You get to have what others don’t!
You get to become what many wish they could!
You get to achieve what most can only dream of!

In a direction that takes us somewhere, but where?
You’re taking steps.  Those steps might be on a path that someone else has already taken.  Those steps are heading down your parents road.  Some of us take steps based on what we see on television.  In our workplace, we take steps in the direction that a manager, supervisor or leader pushes us.  Most of the time, those steps aren’t the ones for us.  You’re stepping and working hard to move forward.  The only reason it’s hard is because they’re the wrong steps for you.  Anytime you attempt something that’s not for you, your way seems hard.   When you take the right steps, your effort becomes easy even when the path has never been attempted.

Together let’s stop traveling down the common path, we know where that ends.  Instead, let’s take a different path so that we can have an outcome like no one else.

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