You Might Be Someone’s Dream Waiting to Happen

I have learned that everyone doesn’t have a dream.  Should everyone have a dream?  At least this is what I thought until I took a poll of the people around me.  I was surprised. If this is the case, that would mean normal, ordinary, common people don’t have a dream for something they wish to accomplish with their life.

What do people who don’t have a dream do?  Most do absolutely nothing worth talking about and others are a candidate to help someone else fulfill their dream.  Maybe you are one of these candidates – a person whose dream is to help another’s dream.

If you don’t have a dream, give to or support someone who does.  There are people that are waiting to get some big things done and the missing piece is you.

The one message I must convey regarding this subject of dreams is you can be something more than ordinary regardless of whether you have a dream or not.  If you have a dream, become something the world has never seen before.  Be you.  Be unique.  Be no-longer-common.

If you are that person who chooses to serve the dream of another, you still can be something no one else is [no-longer-common].  In what you do for another, make it like nothing else.  Be uncommon.  You have what it takes to be something original; don’t waste your life by being common.  Michael Hyatt in his “This is Your Life” podcast ended every episode by saying “This is your life, now go make it count.”  I am going to say something similar; this is your life, now, be something unique.  Give your life to a dream!

Question: What’s your dream? Or can you help someone else with their dream?  Leave us a comment.

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