What If None of the Levels Fit?

The 16 Levels of Love – Part 18

Now that we’ve gone through all 16 levels of the 16 Levels of Love, you might be feeling as if none of the levels fit.  You may be like most, while reading you found that you’ve not mastered any of these and feel like a “love” failure.  Just to make you feel better, that’s exactly what these levels should do.  If you feel this way it means you care and want to “love” better [truly love].  Congratulations!  

What does it mean if you can’t relate to any of the levels?
First we need to quickly review all sixteen.  Imagine this building called the Tower of Love and you have access to visit its 16 floors which represent all the dynamics of “love”.  Each floor represents a unique aspect of the “love” experience.

What does it mean again when you can’t relate to any of the levels?
The obvious answer is that you’ve never experienced love in any shape form or fashion but we know that’s not true.  You’ve experienced love, but just got away from it and replaced “love” with a substitute that ordinary people are painting for you.  What I can tell you is this, people desire to “love” and be loved.  Look at each of the 16 levels
, wouldn’t you want to be a recipient?  I can tell you this, you’re just on the horizon to how great love can be.  You only need to take a step towards one or more of the levels.

What steps can you take?
The question we always get is how can we experience this “uncommon” love?  Here are the steps:

  1. Start with the one you’re most interested.  I suggest you start with the level that gets your attention the most, the one you’re most passionate about.  You will be more willing and excited about pursuing it.  
  2. Give that one away.  In the church world, we call this sowing.  Sow the level you wish to receive in return.  You see whatever you sow, you reap [whatever you give away, comes back to you].  
    • Read the content I’ve shared on the level you’ve chosen.  Study it until you understand it .
    • Act on it.  Whatever you wish another would do for you with respect to the level of love, do it to or for this person.  Then you will receive from it.
  3. Move to the next one.  Once you’re satisfied with the results you’re having from your first choice, it’s time to move to the next.  Remember results won’t occur until you first give what you wish to receive.  Become an expert at giving the levels away to the people you “love”.  

Thank you for hanging with me throughout The 16 Levels of Love.  We hope it was as fulfilling, interesting and insightful as it was for us.  We are certain those most important to you have certainly experienced the difference this content has made in your life.  Now it’s time you give one more thing away and that’s this content; share this series with your family, friends and colleagues.  If it’s worth something to you, it’s worth more to them.  Again thank you for reading The 16 Levels of Love.

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