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Prayer 101

In this set of messages, we describe what one would expect to find in a class called “Prayer 101.” Allow me to briefly explain what you will find in each part of this message set:

  1. Introduction
    In the introduction, we pose a number of questions and responses to what it means to go from a Prayer 099 understanding to reach a Prayer 101 understanding.
  2. Prayer 099
    1. Preparing for Prayer 101
      In order to prepare for Prayer 101, you must understand what Prayer 099 is. In fact, we take this opportunity to dispel the notion that most people qualify for Prayer 101.
    2. The Things We Do At Prayer 099
      What are some of the assumptions made at Prayer 099? In this message, we outline the prayer activities you might find in a class called Prayer 099.
    3. The Postures in Which We Pray
      Wouldn’t it be interesting to know more about the postures we take in prayer. Is all of this stuff necessary? In this message, we cover the most common prayer postures found and why such postures might hold us back from Prayer 101.
    4. The Activities We Substitute for Prayer
      There are some common practices we take when it comes to prayer. Many of which are what I call prayer substitutes. They don’t really qualify as prayer, but we do them as if they were.
  3. Prerequisites for Prayer 101
    Most courses we take have prerequisites. Therefore if there were a class for Prayer 101, what might the prerequisites be?
  4. Shut Up And Pray 
    In this message, I tell my signature story of when next-level-prayer began for me. It was the day God told me to “shut up.” This story has caused everyone I’ve ever told it to, to take their prayer to the next level. Shut up already and pray.
  5. The Beginnings of Prayer 101
    In order to begin this journey, there are three ideas that I know of that you will need to settle in order to proceed. These three ideas are:

    1. Your prayers produced your life. 
    2. Your prayers are like seeds planted into a field. 
    3. Your prayers work so never give up on them.