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Next Level Prayer

We’ve found that…
– most don’t ask enough questions about prayer,
– most have allowed ourselves not to go any further in prayer than those who taught us,
– most see prayer as boring, mundane and even ineffective,
– most find prayer far less than energizing or exciting, and
– most have a set of beliefs about prayer that don’t totally align with the Bible.
With that said, we’ve begun a new series of messages in a theme called “Next Level Prayer.”

Prayer 099 – Part 4

In this message, we describe a few prayer practices that are considered prayer, but are often used as substitutes for simply asking God for what we desire. As a result, our outcomes in prayer more times than not come back short of what we hoped for.

Prayer 099

In this message, we wanted to give you as much detail about the 099 prayer understanding. In this way, we can equip you with what’s needed to take the knowledge you have to the next level.