More Than a Little Prayer

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A Little Will Produce Big Results

Here is something to consider regardless of your prayer style or method. A little prayer goes a long way. Your prayers go a long way because we are talking to the God of the universe. He doesn’t know how to do “small”. When you ask “small,” His response to even your smallest request is large, because He is large. Therefore, even when you miss it in prayer, He hears you. His response can go a long way, producing large results. So, when we do it wrong or short of our best, the results still come back God-sided. 

God has been compared to an Earthly father in this way. If an earthly father knows how to give good gifts to his children, then how much more will our Father in Heaven give? Obviously, God is able and will give much more. [1]

A little prayer goes a long way, in the same way that a little faith goes a long way. It is said that faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. [2] Therefore, a small prayer prayed in faith [3] has the ability to move mountains. Think about it this way. Praying small prayers is normal. What I am teaching is not normal-prayer; it is next-level prayer or prayer when you go beyond normal.

The question you should be asking is, what would happen if you had more than just a little faith? What if you had more than just a little prayer? That is the goal. The goal is not to pray at our minimum, but to pray at our maximum. How can we maximize our prayer so we can move more than the mountain that requires small faith? How can we maxout on prayer? 

If moving more than the mountain or just moving the mountain is possible, then how do we do it? That would be like moving the planet. Let’s advance from moving mountains to moving our planet, then. That should be our target. It is not to settle for little faith and little prayer.

So then back to the question of should we pray the same thing? We can get away with praying the same thing if we want to get the same results. I am pretty positive that if you are reading this, you are sick and tired of having the same ordinary, common, results that everyone else has. You are a believer and I believe that a believer should be able to invoke more results than an unbeliever when it comes to prayer. Let’s maxout on prayer! 

Here are three reasons, why I think there is a case for this:

  1. God is a heart and spirit whisper-er.
    For us to exceed, go beyond moving mountains, and move the planet, we’ve got to go from little faith and little prayer to much faith and much prayer. Oh, I like that myself. God can hear you outside of the words that you speak. If you think you are keeping your weak faith from God, think again. Let me say that again. If you think you can conceal your faith, your prayer, from God, think again. I’ve mentioned this before too. You don’t always need words in order for God to hear you.

    God is so infinite and so great that He can hear what is in your heart and in your spirit. [4] He is what I call a heart and spirit whisperer. Even if you didn’t have the words [5], He is able to see what is in your heart. Therefore, maxout what is in your heart. Time and time again I’ve read where He heard the cries of His people. That’s both the tears and pain. They weren’t even praying. It says He heard the cries of the children of Israel when they were in Egypt, night and day. [6] Even though to us the cries sound like the same thing, they weren’t saying the same thing to God. But rather they were saying something differently and God heard it all.

    Those cries represented torture, abuse, and mistreatment. What do your cries represent? He heard it come up to heaven. In the same way He hears your voice. While you might be using the same words at times, God hears those words differently based on what is being emitted from your heart.
  2. The Master teacher taught us how.
    Jesus gave clear instructions. Do not use vain repetition. [7] Jesus provides instructions on prayer. This idea might seem contradictory, but the key is not using vain repetition. In other words, “useless” repetitiveness. Now I’m not a fan of using vain repetition and we shouldn’t do that because these are the words of Jesus as he teaches on prayer. However, Jesus gave us a formula to follow. Pray to God as if He is your Father. How then would you pray if you see God as YOUR Father? I would imagine that vain (useless) repetition would be out the door.
  3. You can ask for it.
    Keep asking and you will receive. [8] Jesus gave us an outline on how to do prayer in a different way so that we can have different results. Now, I thought about that for a minute. This doesn’t mean keep repeating the words over and over, but rather keep asking. In other words, there are times you make a request and other times you must ask questions. In praying to God as a Father, I would certainly never go to my dad and ask him the exact same thing, in the same way if he had already rejected the request. In fact, when I go to Him the second time, I will probably be better prepared. I would probably have a little more information than before or plead with him differently. I would also try to convince him that what I am asking for is worth his time and worth me asking for.
    For some reason when it comes to prayer, we want to do the same thing without the expectation that we don’t need to do anything else. Asking the same thing over and over again without getting His input is normal. If we go about it the normal way, we are going to get the same normal results that everyone who has done it that way has before. It is time we made a next-level adjustment in our approach.

We are going to have to take our efforts to the next level. We are going to put this whole idea, this whole thought together. We are going to do like Jesus said. We will ask God like He is our Father. What would my daddy need to hear from me in order for me to get Him to move in this situation? What can I say and how can I get Him to move on my behalf for this?

Question: Are you really addressing God as if He were your daddy?

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