Your Prayers Work So Never Give Up On Them

The Beginnings of Prayer 101 – Part 3

Prayer 101 – Part 5.3

The final fundamental I’d like to offer on your journey towards next-level-prayer is this.
Your prayers work so never give up on them.
You see, for next level pray-ers (people who pray), one must believe that their prayer works regardless of how impossible it looks, how big the circumstance is, how long it might take, or whether it’s ever been done before. 

Think of why people pray in the first place. They pray because one of the aforementioned has occurred. So if we pray it means we believe that there is a way out of an impossible situation, a circumstance out of our control, an unrealistic timeline, and a task that has never been done.

You see, giving up is a natural decision. Ordinary, normal, and average people make it a habit of giving up and quitting. They’ll give up on small things, so giving up on the impossible, out of control issues, untimely events, and uncharted actions, is much easier to give up on. It’s the uncommon who will fight on in the midst of obstacles and uncertain odds. Did I mention that prayer is not an ordinary action? Prayer is an uncommon action. To pray isn’t something that the average person does and is certainly not something ordinary people master. Anyone who is willing to talk to God, really talk to God and hear His response is not your average person. By the way, did I mention that this is next level prayer? This isn’t ordinary, normal, or common prayer.

I was sharing this with the team I coach in the exercise of prayer. I ask this question… is there such a thing as “weak faith” [1] a.k.a. “little faith”? The answer is always, yes. Then I reminded them, as I now will you, of this. If there is “weak” faith, that means there is “strong” faith or at the minimum faith that’s not weak or little. If that’s the case then the same goes with our prayer since we need faith in prayer. There is weak prayer, average prayer, and then there’s next level prayer. Next level prayer is the type you won’t give up on.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Prayer Yet?
The Master teacher used an illustration to paint a picture of next level prayer. In fact, in His teaching He gives an important guideline to practice in prayer and that is, one should always pray and never lose faith. In other words, pray always and avoid having weak faith. [2] Here’s a summary of the story the Master teacher told. In a particular city where a widow lived there was a judge. She presented her case before this judge asking for justice and he would deny her request. Now this judge, as the Master teacher tells this story, isn’t a righteous or godly person. Therefore he had very little compassion for people. The story continues in that this widow continued to bring her concerns to him, to such a degree that it wore the judge down. This judge said to himself that unless I rule in her favor she’s not going to stop. Listen to the determination the judge saw in this widow. He realized that she was not going to quit. Therefore he ruled in her favor. The Master teacher continues His illustration by bringing His students this awareness. Isn’t our God better than such an unrighteous, uncompassionate judge? Then God’s response to a prayer like this widow would have to be better. I would imagine that God’s response would be a quick and speedy reply. He’d not delay like an unrighteous, uncompassionate judge. What do you think? This is next level prayer.

One of the main reasons we should never give up on our prayers is because God is righteous, He is compassionate, and He’s better than any good human-being that you will ever encounter. It’s in this story presented by The Master teacher where He pairs prayer with faith, “how many will he find on the earth who have faith [like this widow]?”[2] The widow in this story planted seeds of prayer. She didn’t stop at one request. She had many. She planted many seeds until a harvest appeared from the ground.

In prayer, quitting just isn’t an option.
You see if you quit, you are saying no to seeing the impossible happen in your life. Next level prayer.
You see if you quit, you miss out on seeing an unrealistic timeline or record broken. Next level prayer.
You see if you quit, you don’t have to worry about seeing that thing that has never been done before get done. Next level prayer.
Your prayers work so never give up on them. Who gives up on God? What type of person gives up on God? Certainly not a never-level pray-er! You never give up because you know that prayer works, the end.

Now that you on your journey to next level prayer to see next level results are you able to take hold of these fundamentals:
Your prayers produced the life you’ve been living.
Your prayers are like seeds planted into a field.
– Your prayers work so never give up on them.
These are the beginnings of next level prayer.

Question: what prayer have you prayed that you’ve given up on?

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All Scripture references used by permission, see our Scripture copyrights.

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