Your Life Is The Product of Prayer

The Beginnings of Prayer 101 – Part 1
Prayer 101 – Part 5.1

Now that we’re on this journey to discuss next level prayer and become a next level pray-er (person who prays), we need to get some foundational information out of the way. We will begin with the following:

Your life is the product of prayer.
I know you might think that your prayer isn’t working but it is working to the extent of your prayers. Look at it this way; you are having the exact results of what you’ve prayed or what’s been prayed over you. The question is have you prayed? Normal, ordinary, average prayer produces normal, average, ordinary results. Little prayer in your life yields little results from prayer in your life. A lot of prayer yields a lot of results. Remember, the only reason you don’t have something is because you’ve not asked and you have the wrong motives for it.[1] 

I will state it again. Your life is a product of prayer. It might not be your prayers that you are benefiting from but you are benefiting from someone’s prayers.
You might be reaping the results of:

  • a mother who prayed for you,
  • a father who asked God to do something on your behalf 
  • a teacher who saw you going in an unfavorable direction
  • a pastor who prayed for your spirituality
  • a friend who was concerned for you
  • a small group who connected with you and felt your pain
  • a nurse who cared for you on his or her watch
  • someone you don’t know who felt compassion for you
  • someone you might not expect because they were simply inspired to pray for you

At any rate, someone at some point has possibly made a request on your behalf and that prayer has worked and is working. These are examples of people who take prayer to the next level. If you find yourself doing any of the above then you didn’t pray an average prayer, you prayed one that went beyond normal which in turn changed the course of someone’s world.

Allow me to explain a little deeper what I mean when I say, your life is a product of prayer.

You produce in the same way as the one who produced you.
Everything produces after its own kind.
In order for a next level pray-er (person who prays) to understand next level prayer, he or she must understand who they are in relationship with The One to whom he or she prays, God. A next level pray-er understands that he or she is talking to God. Pause and think about that statement, seriously. Did you know that most ordinary people who pray don’t understand this thought? If they did they would have nothing but confidence in their prayer. We’ll have to discuss that more a little later so that I might stay on this topic. Let’s review our relationship with God so that we understand how this prayer thing really works. This idea is simple, everything produces results like its kind. 

The plants were designed to produce plants after its kind.[2]It’s said and you know this is true that every plant produces a plant only like itself. An apple tree has never and will never produce an orange tree.. The tree must produce its own kind.

The living creatures were designed to produce land animals, sea animals, and animals of the sky after its kind respectively.[3]A bird can only produce a bird. A fish a fish. A cow can only produce a cow. They must produce after their own kind. And before I get to this next point which is important, each of these animals and plants, once they produce their offspring, their offspring respectively are bound by the rules parents were bound to. That means a bird will not swim like a fish and a fish won’t fly like a bird. A bird that takes flight will produce a bird who can fly and experience flight and so on.

People produce after their own kind, but what kind?
In order to understand what people produce, we must understand what produced people and what we should be producing in kind. Opening passages of the Bible gives us the best clue to how and what we produce. First, we are “a kind” like God. We are created in His image and after His likeness, therefore we produce in His kind. We produce how God produces. Secondly, God produced by using His words. He spoke everything He wanted to see and needed to see into existence. Therefore we must produce in kind. We too speak what we see into existence. Now I would imagine you’re wondering, what does this have to do with next level prayer? I’m glad you’re still following along.

If God had to pray, who would He pray to? In this case, God had Himself to speak to or ask. God spoke plants, living creatures, and everything there is into existence using His words. In other words, He prayed. He made a request of Himself. Since prayer uses words and God used words and His words produce, then like Him our words produce. Since the day He gave the word, the process has continued to work. His words that created animals, plants, sea creatures and birds of the air have been working for thousands of years. Our prayers are no different, when we pray God hears and when He answers, that prayer continues to yield a harvest. All this happens because we produce in kind. We produce like God. What you see in your life and how your life is today is produced in the same way God created the world initially. The only difference is, we get to pray our world into existence by asking The One who started the process in the first place.

I need you to see it and believe it; that your life is a product of your words. Words are used in prayer and prayers produce what you now see, have seen, and will see in the future. If you don’t pray, you have to rely on the results from having no God interventions in your life, or you’re relying on the prayers that someone else prayed over you so that you have God’s interventions in your life. Prayer is a mechanism to produce in kind. Remember this is next level prayer. God hears us when we pray; therefore He is waiting to hear our next level prayer. Otherwise, He has to go off of the last prayer, prayed. If you’re not a pray-er ,He has no reason to intervene on your behalf unless someone else is offering prayer on your behalf. He’s waiting and listening for you to produce in kind.

Question: what is your life missing out on because you’re not using prayer to produce the life you could have?

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