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An Uncommon Easter

It’s our goal to provide you with content that has but one goal and that’s to take your life to the next level. For this reason we call our web-platform “No-Longer-Common.” As it relates to Easter, normal is not enough. We’ve written so many Easter messages in the past that we thought it would be a great idea to share our collection with you and more importantly with those who haven’t been with us very long. In this collection of message, you will find:

  • Message 1 – We’ve Got a Story to Tell…
    Too often we try to scare people into becoming followers of Jesus. What if we, 1) knew the truth and 2) painted a better picture of being ready for Jesus’ return or you meeting Him prior to returning?
  • Message 2 – The Uncommon Truth About “Easter”
    We believe that the weak and defeated images we have been given of Jesus aren’t accurate. Society and even churches have painted him as the victim rather than a calculated general who came out victorious. This message explains the two differing points-of-view.
  • Message 3 – It May Look Bad, But It’s All Good!
    That three letter word “but” makes all the difference. You see Easter represents the “but” to what looks bad in your life. When it’s bad, transform that bad into good. That’s what Easter does for your life.
  • Message 4 – Jesus Wasn’t the Only One Raised from the Dead
    I know you thought Jesus was the only one who got up out of the grave, but that’s not true. You see God made sure that the day Christ rose from the dead would never be forgotten.
  • Message 5 – Easter – The Greatest Event in History
    In this short message, I pose a question that reveals why this event, Easter, is the greatest day in history?
  • Message 6 – Easter – The Calendar Changing Event
    In response to the question posed in message 5, Easter – The Greatest Event in History, we add a little context to why Easter changed the way humanity tracks time.
  • Message 7 – Impossible to Ignore
    In this message, we remove the objections non-Christian have as it relates to celebrating Easter. We provide reasons this celebration is for all. You may also check out our podcast of this message.
  • Message 8 – Don’t Make It Hard to Believe
    Are we making this message of Easter harder to believe than it should be? Let’s find out why this is a tactic to prevent belief in an event that history supports.
  • Message 9 – As It Turned Out
    In this message, we put the arguments to rest and rest on what matters more than the arguments. Stop arguing with the person who has an argument and present what you know and believe. And let it alone.
  • Message 10 – The Story Isn’t Over
    We spend so much time studying the moments before the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus that we miss a major part of the event that occurred following. In what follows the event is where you and I find ourselves. Let’s discuss what happens to one after we hear this life changing news that Jesus rose from the dead.

We hope these messages help take your Easter to new levels. Happy Easter everyone!

Messages in Series

As It Turned Out

Why do we try to defend our beliefs when it comes to something like celebrating Easter?  I’m here to free you in that you don’t have to defend anything, your beliefs don’t require a defense.   There’s no need to argue, share only what matters.I recall President George W. Bush …

Don’t Make It Hard to Believe

This week we take a pause from our regularly scheduled content to insert a special post about Easter. Why isn’t believing in the resurrected-king easier? I had this thought as we were hanging out with our grand-child; I couldn’t help but notice the electrical outlets we have with the safety …

Impossible to Ignore

Today, we take a pause from our normal blog topic which is centered around “The 16 Levels of Love.”  Today is Easter and since we’re Christians we wanted to do a special Easter post.  Actually we’ve written this post to non-Christians and at the same time we want to use …