Easter – the greatest event in history!

Here’s just a thought that every human-being alive today should consider.  The year is 2016 and this date designation is accepted around the world.

There are 2 calendar eras that you must know: (1) anno Domini (AD) and (2) before Christ (BC).

BC, we all understand, but AD ordinary people think it stands for “after death”.  It doesn’t.  It’s meaning is far greater.  It means “in the year of our Lord.”  The year is really AD 2016, in the year of our Lord 2016.

Why this history lesson?
Have you ever considered what in history is so significant to change the way all of humanity tracks history?  What could be so earth shattering that every civilization would accept a new date or begin counting differently from a single point in history?  For the no-longer-common it’s Easter. Easter is the only event in the history of the world that had the ability to change the way humanity tracked history.

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