What’s Behind The Mask?

Having an Uncommon Home, Education, and Personal Life – Part 6

What’s Behind The Mask?

In denial about the mask
Have you ever looked yourself in the eyes in a mirror and asked the question, who am I?  Have you ever been ashamed to tell others the simple truth about who you?

Let me put you at ease.  There are not very many people who can come face to face with who they really are.  There are even fewer that will ever tell what I call the simple truth about themselves.  “The simple truth” says that I’m not as great as I want others to think I am.

Here’s a test.  Have you ever wondered why when you ask people how they’re doing, their response is generally I’m doing well; even when they aren’t. Normal people like to make themselves look good.  We don’t want to be caught with a life story that can’t compare to those told by others.

The mask is normal behavior
Each morning when the normal person arises, the mask goes on.  Before they leave the door to head out no matter where they go, the mask must be with them.  I’ve been a part of church all my life and the number one place I’ve seen the mask is in church.  No one in the church wants others to know they ever had dirt.  You know what dirt is?  It’s a bad past.  The truth is not only did they have dirt in there past, most still have dirt in their present.

What’s Behind The Mask-The mask is the ultimate symbol that you’re ordinary.  Let me try and prove how wearing a mask is normal for normal people.
Ask me how I’m doing?  Even if I wasn’t doing well, I’ll always say I’m great.
Ask me how much money I have?  Even if I owe everyone and the lights are about to be disconnected, I’ll overstate my financial position in a positive way.
Ask me how my marriage or relationship is?  I’ll say we’re doing fine and post happy pictures on Facebook.
Ask me how my relationship is with God?  I’ll say I go to church “every” Sunday.

The mask hides the truth.

No one is really looking; their mask only appears to be interested
Here’s a secret you need to know.  No one is really looking at you or your mask.  Their mask only give the appearance that they’re interested.  When someone sees the truth about you, they think about what truth they are hiding, what they are masking.  Normal people can’t see you for seeing themselves.  I know you’ve given thought to how others seem to give advice when their life seems so messed up. Do they not realize that small detail?  The answer is yes they do.  They just have the mask on.  When we get home and get behind closed doors and pull that mask off, it’s a sobering experience.  We come face to face with our life. Our failures.  Our disappointments. Our regrets.

The imaginary standards created by other ordinary people
Because every “common” person is wearing a mask, they create imaginary standards.  Standards such as we have to have a better home than theirs.  Our children must out perform others whether in sports, academics, beauty pageants and so forth.  Our cars must be more expensive and the latest models.  Our career must be more exciting.  Ordinary people compete with ordinary people.  So ordinary people can only get better at being ordinary.

The person behind the mask
Behind the mask is a person who has never before been seen.  I want to help you get comfortable and confident with ripping off your mask.  First, know that only normal, regular, average people wear a mask.

I said earlier that ordinary people only compete with ordinary people.  So what do the uncommon do?  The no-longer-common, those who take off their mask compete with no one.  They pay close attention to their own work, their craft, trade and talent.  They don’t have the time or energy to compete with others.  They are too busy being extraordinary.  Being uncommon means you’re in a league all by yourself.  This is you.  This is me.  Go home and pull off the mask once and for all.  You’ll no longer care who sees the real you because the real you is worth seeing.

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