Don’t Make It Hard to Believe

This week we take a pause from our regularly scheduled content to insert a special post about Easter.

Why isn’t believing in the resurrected-king easier?

I had this thought as we were hanging out with our grand-child; I couldn’t help but notice the electrical outlets we have with the safety plugs in them from when our daughter was his age.  If we’re using one of the electrical outlets and he goes near one, we quickly let him know that’s not good. In fact, he thinks the electrical outlets are bad in his limited vocabulary.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  I asked myself this question. Is the electrical outlet really dangerous?  I’ve never seen anyone harmed by one. I’ve not seen anyone get electrocuted.  In fact, do you know one single person who has died from an electrical outlet? For me, the answer is no.  So then, why is it that I believe the electrical outlet can be a danger? That thinking was passed down through my family for generations.  We know it’s true yet we have zero proof that it’s true. How can we believe something to be true without proof?

Believing the electrical outlet can produce harm is easy, so why are you having a hard time believing that Jesus rising from the dead is hard?  You having never seen anyone die from an electrical outlet is no different than you not seeing anyone live after having died.

Let me share with you what Jesus said to His team as they prepared for the 1st Easter.

““Listen,” he said, “we’re going up to Jerusalem, where the Son of Man will be betrayed to the leading priests and the teachers of religious law. They will sentence him to die. Then they will hand him over to the Romans to be mocked, flogged with a whip, and crucified. But on the third day he will be raised from the dead.”” –

What’s interesting about this is they had a hard time believing it too.  This foretelling of events was very hard to swallow and to add to it, Jesus would be raised from the dead.   The reason it’s difficult is because it takes uncommon belief. If everyone believed it, it would be easier. To step out of a boat to walk on water is difficult simply because you’ve never seen others do it.  If walking on water was normal (common) everyone would do it. If believing in the risen-king was normal everyone would rejoice at Easter, but it’s not. It’s for the uncommon.

The one thing I know is this.  If you’re going to worship anything (being, person) let it be someone who has done what no one else has done or could ever do.  Don’t allow “normal” thinking passed down to contaminate the truth that hasn’t changed and can never change. Jesus lived, died and lives again.  It’s the one event that has changed history for all time. Happy Easter!

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