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Today, we take a pause from our normal blog topic which is centered around “The 16 Levels of Love.”  Today is Easter and since we’re Christians we wanted to do a special Easter post.  Actually we’ve written this post to non-Christians and at the same time we want to use it to encourage Christians regarding the purpose of Easter.  Let’s begin.

The Problem Non-Christians Have With Easter
I can see a huge problem a non-Christian could have with celebrating Easter.  If you don’t believe in God that’s one thing, but believing in Jesus is a whole different issue.  How could it be that a man named Jesus, was raised from the dead and for what reason would God even do such a thing?  The story can be very hard to believe, but remember we can’t control what people believe.  Let me give you an example.  For instance, half of America believed that Hillary Clinton was the right person to be president while the other half believed it was Donald Trump.  People believe what they want to believe.  Controlling what a person believes isn’t the issue.  Forcing your beliefs on another is.  Many non-Christians believe that the Easter message is being forced.  I get it; I don’t want anyone to force anything upon me especially when it (the thing forced) is not customary or normal for me.

Christians Can Easily Celebrate Easter
Christians can celebrate Easter with ease; it’s the basis of their entire faith.  Let’s paint the picture.  Because God wanted to do something that could rescue every human-being from ultimate death and destruction, He sacrificed His only son and penalized Him with our penalties.  As a result, He died and was raised from the dead as a sign of God’s love for every single person whether they believe it or not.  While we could gladly talk about that all day, that’s not the topic of this post.  We’re not going to discuss what Christians can easily celebrate, but rather why others should and can.

Everyone Can Celebrate Easter
Allow me to get the obvious out of the way.  Or maybe it’s not so obvious.  I don’t understand why people find a problem with celebrating Easter even when they don’t believe its message.  I’ve seen people do stranger things.  At Christmas, in which its name alone proclaims “Christ”, people will celebrate Santa Claus in their attempt to get around celebrating Christ.  And oh let’s not forget about Halloween.  When I was in grade-school, Halloween was a big thing in our neighborhood, we’d get to trick-or-treat.  It was a time for kids to have one grand time visiting those in the neighborhood.

Think about it, today we allow our children to see Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Captain American and so on.  All of these are fictional characters, and we are okay with our children seeing movies, buying the action figures and dressing up like their favorite characters.  So why then, can’t we share and celebrate this amazing character from The Bible in the same way we do these other “heroes”?  Whether you believe it or not, it would seem it shouldn’t really matter to you, when you don’t believe in the other characters either.  Why can’t we let Jesus be a superhero?

Image this…a superhero who can walk on water.
Image this…a superhero that can cure all sorts of diseases.
Image this…a superhero who can appear and reappear.
Image this…a superhero that can die and has the power from His Father to raise Him from the dead!  
Image this…a superhero who’s fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves.

The Obvious?
Why is it so hard for people to celebrate Jesus on Easter?  It might be obvious.  All other superheroes are make-believe while Jesus is…not.  It’s easier to celebrate heroes that never existed instead of one that does.

Your Response to Easter
Just like everyone celebrates Christmas (believers and non-believers alike), everyone can celebrate Easter.  Christians need to see Jesus for who He is: the greatest superhero that ever was.  He is an uncommon superhero.  Use this post to paint Jesus in the best light for your non-Christian friends.  And for my non-Christian friends, stop eliminating my superhero from the superhero list.  He is impossible to ignore.  Enjoy your Easter!

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