Did This Really Just Happen?

An Epidemic of Mass Proportions – Part 1

You’ve made it this far in your prayer workout. It’s the halfway mark or middle of this exercise. This prayer-workout gets very serious, so prepare your mind to be serious and to take today’s prayer exercise seriously. Remember that in normal exercise, no pain means no gain. In a prayer-exercise, little prayer has little power, much prayer yields much power. Let’s get after it.

I want to take you to a scripture where Moses and the nation of Israel (approximately 1 million people) encountered an epidemic of mass proportions. During today’s prayer-exercise, I’m going to walk you through their journey and parallel it with how it applies to us today and how we may exercise not only our faith, but have a prayer-workout tailored to such an epidemic.

“So the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the people, and many were bitten and died.” – bible.com/116/num.21.6.nlt

Wow! This sure is starting out with a serious idea. I’m not saying that God has sent the pandemic we now face, neither am I saying that He didn’t. The Bible says clearly that the Lord sent poisonous snakes. I hate to even go here because there are so many people who’d say, what kind of God would do that? How can a loving God send poisonous snakes that would cause someone to die? But since I brought it up, I knew I would have to address that first. 

[Pray This]
Lord, I’ve been taught that You’ve never left me, or abandoned me. I can’t imagine You harming anyone, yet this verse of scripture brings thoughts of You, that no one has explained to me. Could it be that this plague has come upon us from You?

Here’s my conclusion. A person who would think negatively about God is a person who doesn’t have a real relationship with Him. A person who doesn’t know God (that’s a normal person) forgets that God is first and foremost a Father to mankind. Therefore He would treat me better than I’d treat our daughter. If He sent snakes, there must be a bigger reason for what He’s doing and that reason must be to get me (us) to a better place, a next-level-kind-of-place. 

[Pray This]
Father, who am I to question You when everything I do as a human-being, without Your influence, is bent towards evil. How can I begin to call You out as if I’m on an equal playing field as the God of the universe. Forgive me as I get a new understanding of who You are and how You operate. 

Secondly, God’s idea of death isn’t like ours. What we see as a negative experience isn’t viewed the same way by God. That’s a topic for another day or exercise.  

[Pray This]
Father, I never considered that You don’t see things the way I see them. I figured You view death or any other negatively impacting event in the same way I do. I forget that Your ways are higher than mine. Your thoughts are greater than mine. Your plans are better than mine. Open my eyes so that I can see into Your greatest. 

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