Tired of Making Excuses With Getting Involved in Politics?

It’s so easy to feel as if your efforts in the voting process can’t make a difference. That’s what Michael Hyatt refers to as a limiting belief. The problem with limiting beliefs is that it’s just one side to believing. If you can limit our beliefs, the opposite is also true you can take the limits off your belief. Instead of believing you can’t make a difference, you can begin to believe that you can, but you’ll need a plan. You’ll need a plan for where you are today and build upon that. 

“Choose some well-respected men from each tribe who are known for their wisdom and understanding, and I will appoint them as your leaders.’” – bible.com/bible/116/DEU.1.13.NLT

How can you choose well-respected men and women who are known for their wisdom and understanding? You’ll need to find out about them. As you begin to do this, take someone else along for the ride. I’m certain someone you know wants in on the same information. 

[Pray This]
Lord, as I start in this new journey of getting involved in the democratic process, guide me. I’ll start by doing something as simple as I can and that’s to get information so that I can evaluate the candidates in three areas: respectability, wisdom, and understanding. I can at least use this as my guide for now, in Jesus’ name.

Your Action (What action based on your prayer can you take?):
I will do a little research to assess the candidate in which we must choose from to determine which is strongest in these three areas: respectability, wisdom, and understanding.

For more on this topic, see “Voting: A Way to Establish Legacy.” 

Prayer Disclaimer Notice: prayer is not a miracle, it’s our conversation with God which gives us insight on how to respond to our situations and the world around us. For more detail, please review our prayer disclaimer notice in its entirety, available at nolongercommon.com/nlc-prayer-disclaimer.  

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