The Conclusion

When We’ve Run Out of Answers – Part 4

Before you begin make sure you’ve completed the previous prayer-workout, click this link:
Part 3 – The Solution

We see a problem that is unexplainable and doesn’t make sense. We thought it would have disappeared by now, yet no one has answers for it. Because there is no natural solution available that leads us to the only solution, we must go to God. While this solution may not make sense and may make me look silly, that no longer matters when so many I care for are at risk. Let’s end this exercise with a few statements in prayer to incite Heaven to release what we desire to see happen on Earth. Are you ready?

With all the energy you have…
[Let’s Pray This]
Father, because we are Your children we use our connection with Heaven to release these things on Earth.
Heaven doesn’t have a food shortage, therefore we declare there’s no shortage of food on Earth.
Heaven doesn’t have contaminated meat or drinking water, therefore we declare there’s no more contaminated meat or drinking water on Earth.
Heaven doesn’t have leaders who don’t come to You, therefore we declare that our leaders draw closer and closer to You on Earth.
Because nothing on Earth happens without Heaven’s intervention, we believe these declarations in Jesus’ name.

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