Why Not Christianity 101?

Being No-Longer-Common 101 Part 1

Introduction: Why Not Christianity 101?

Before we can get into this message, here are four questions you should answer. I suggest writing your answers down on paper. By the way – there are no right or wrong answers here.

  • Who are you following?
    Name at least one person you’d say you’re following. Maybe it’s a mentor, a coach, a co-worker or a friend.

  • How did you come to follow this person?
    Where did you meet or how did you find out about this person? Who introduced you? What frame of mind were you in or state of life?

  • Why do you follow them?
    Explain why you follow this person. What makes them worthy of your followership?

  • What do they stand for?
    Now, tell us what they stand for. Name a few values, concepts, ideas, or beliefs that they stand for.

Let’s put this information aside for a moment. We’ll come back to the person you’re following. Back to our topic, Being No-Longer-Common 101.

Why do you think this message isn’t called Christianity 101? Or church 101? Leave your response on Facebook or Google+.

Being no-longer-common isn’t about being a Christian and it’s not about going to church. Being no-longer-common is much more. The sad truth is we all know many Christians, and even many more who go to church, but exist, live, behave, act and have the same results in life, as people who aren’t Christian and don’t go to church. So what’s the difference? And what gives?

Being No-Longer-Common 101

Christianity is a religion. It’s not really a group of people. The people involved in Christianity are constantly changing. Most have this expectation that wearing the label of Christian makes one different. Have you ever heard someone say, I thought you were a Christian? What they are saying is I expected something different, but you weren’t. If we tell the truth, we all know people who go to church, and some a lot more than others, yet they don’t act like it. What it says is that we expected to see something different than the norm. In both cases, expectations weren’t met. We didn’t see something different, unique or uncommon.

Now think about the name you wrote down as the one you follow. Did you follow them because they were a Christian or go to church? Probably not. You probably didn’t even have that as a reason. Why? Because many times we’ve made Christians and church commonplace. Neither have lived up to our expectations.

Christianity and church are great and both have their place, but being no-longer-common is something only Jesus can make of you.

The No-Longer-Common Action: After reading this message, what expectations of a church have you had that went unmet? Leave your response and comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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