When Prayers Go Unanswered

Facing Unanswered Prayers

I Prayed and God Let Me Down – Part 1

We all have prayed a prayer at some time in our lives that went unanswered. We all have had God let us down. At least we feel as though He let us down when our prayer is not answered in the way we want it to be. If I can shoot straight, when we pray, all we want is for God to answer our request in the way that we want to see it answered. In other words, we want to see the outcome that we desire. Most of us give up on prayer when this does not occur. However, what if we missed it totally and misunderstood what was going on behind the scenes? In this series, we look at a set of prayers to bring some light to this one question.

Have you prayed and God let you down?

To bring as much light to this most common question, we will take you on journey through the following:

  1. When God Says “No”
    Do we ever expect God to say “no”? Maybe it’s your experience that God always says “no.” Do we ever consider the fact that God can say “no”? If we are asking God, why can’t He say “no” to you? What will you do in the event that God says “no” to you? What I really want to attack in this installment is the idea of God saying “no” more often than He says “yes.” Then I will defend God’s “no.” If I were to ask the person who believes God said “no”, how would he or she answer this question? Why do you think God should say “yes” to you of all people anyway? If I were God or had the ability to answer your prayer like you desire and you asked me, would I say “yes” and why?

  2. Why Did This Happen to Me?
    Oftentimes people attack God using a phrase like this. What kind of God would let this happen to me? Their argument is this. If God is so good, then why didn’t He stop what was happening to me, around me, etc.? What amazes me is the idea that a person goes to God with their problem and when it doesn’t turn out how they desired it to, they then get angry and even denounce God. Here is the part that amazes me. That person does not consider that God knew what he or she would do before they did it. In other words, God saw the heart of the person who would get angry and denounce Him. So, why again would God even want to help a person who has this attitude towards Him? Like a child who cannot have his or her way. A person who is only pro God when things go exactly like they want it. I know one thing for sure. God is better than me and better than any person I know. Because if it were up to me, I would tell that person what he or she could do and where she or he can go, and I would place them there. #IfIWereGod

  3. People in the Bible Who Prayed and God Let Them Down
    Did you know that the Bible speaks of several people who fell into the category that could say they prayed, and God let me down? We will review prayers of some of the big names, from Moses to David to Saul and even Elijah. When you pray and you do not get what you want, what does that look like and what could it mean for you? Could we be misunderstanding God’s “no” as if it is God’s fault and not ours?

  4. The Ultimate Let Down
    There is one example that involves Jesus and it was the biggest “no” from God I have ever come across. I call it “the ultimate letdown.” How could God let His own son down? When we get to this one it is the climax for the entire work of “Next Level Prayer.” What if God does not know how to say “no”? Maybe God would rather close His ears from you, than He would to tell you “no”. What if God does not know how to leave a person with unmet expectations? His normal is to exceed what you can dare dream, hope, and even imagine. What if your letdown is something totally different?

We are coming to the finish line with “Next Level Prayer.” If you have made it this far, what that tells me is that you are “next level” when it comes to prayer. It also says that you have a hunger for it as well as know its incomparable results. This final series will give you what you need when it seems like God is not hearing you or answering your request. I want to leave you with such a fire and confidence in God’s ability that you never see Him as unable or unwilling ever again. When God lets you down, you better know that there is something greater waiting on you. 

 Question: what was the prayer you prayed and God let you down?

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