What Would Starting Over Do For You?

What Can You Do When the Rules Change? Part 2

Do you ever think that you’re such a threat to the devil that he has to give you his undivided attention? Do you believe that what you have going on in your life is worth his attention?

You know what “common” is? “Common” is the person who does nothing for Christ and thinks that the devil is wasting his time picking on them. “Common” wants you to blame the devil for all your problems so that you won’t blame yourself. See, if you blame the devil it means you can’t do anything about it and it takes God to handle it. This gives you an excuse–an excuse to live with the circumstances the way that they are. This is what it means to be “common”.
This type of thinking is an indicator that a start over may be worthwhile; it certainly won’t hurt. A start over may save you from the pitfalls that are commonly experienced when your faith is out of alignment.


I know you’re thinking… Kerry Clark why would you even say such a thing? I know you’ve heard people say the famous phrase, the devil’s been busy today. What they are saying is… we’re blaming the devil for the results we’re experiencing. Don’t hear what I’m not saying which is the devil isn’t to blame. All I am saying is many times, what we are experiencing are only the things that are handed down to us. These things can also be the direct results of what we have sown ourselves. I think it’s time for a change. I think it’s time to stop blaming the devil for what’s our fault. And it’s time to hold the devil accountable to challenging you on the amazing things you have been created to do.

What would starting over do for you?

Now I propose something to you that may be unimaginable. Start over. Clear your mind. Lose all the old information you have regarding The Bible, church, God, the devil, etc. Start over with what I call a “blank piece of paper.” I did just what I’m asking you to do..read God’s word with a new perspective. This start over says that I read the Bible as if I’ve never read it nor have I heard any messages from it prior to today. I do my best to remove any biases and past teachings. What I’ve gathered is that while the Bible does give a ton of rules, and commandments, it’s not meant to make our lives hard. It’s meant to make our lives different, uncommon; unlike anyone else’s. A start-over would give you an opportunity to begin the process of eliminating “common” results and living a life that has no comparison.

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