What Can You Do When the Rules Change?

The last thing I ever want to do is paint a negative image pertaining to anything that promotes Christ. I am pro church. However, there is a strong possibility that you might be hearing an incomplete message. A message that leaves you with “common” results.

Although you’re living for Christ, you have outcomes in life that are the same as those who don’t live for Christ. What most don’t realize is that many times, the messages we hear are incomplete at best. Notice, I didn’t say inaccurate or wrong messages, but incomplete.


You see, the church is our safe place. What I mean by safe place is the place where what you’re taught is considered the most reliable information. In most cases, the church, for its followers, is the last resort or last answer to their life’s problems. But what happens when the church fails to give you what you need?

Could it be that there is something missing? For many years, I thought Christianity was more of a struggle. What I mean is that it takes a lot to keep all the rules straight. When you finally think you have it, the rules change. This change in the rules is an indication that the message you once heard was more than likely incomplete.

In this series, we will discuss instead of giving up on the church, the alternatives you have when it seems the rules have changed. We will explain how your life can have a great story-book-ending. We will conclude with how you’ve been placed in a win-win situation no matter what. Don’t allow an incomplete message to keep you from having the extraordinary life you deserve.

The No-Longer-Common Action: How would your life be unlike any others if you knew God was for you no matter who was against you? Leave your response and comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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