The Unfair Advantage Comes from Knowledge

Why Do You Have an Unfair Advantage? Part 5

The Unfair Advantage Comes from Knowledge

If your thoughts lead to feelings of you being inferior, you’re “normal.” If you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed, overtaken and overrun, that’s what it means to be ordinary. What’s funny-not really-is that we all have a desire to fit in, but at the same time we don’t want the results that come with being normal. We don’t want to stand out or be seen as odd to the person right next to us. A coworker. A fellow student. A teammate. A friend. We tend to adjust our behavior, comments and actions so that we don’t “rock the boat.”

What if a stranger walked up to you and asked you about your faith in God? Let’s say that you began to share your beliefs. This stranger in return says that there is no way that God could actually live in you. He continues with, if God lived within you wouldn’t there be evidence of God-like power in your life? Wouldn’t you have an unfair advantage to life? Wouldn’t you be able to, not only, control your circumstances, but the atmosphere and elements? At this point, we’re faced with a choice because the stranger is ultimately right. There is no way God can be present in our life and we’re able to fit into normal society without being noticed. How would you respond to the stranger’s question? Think about it for a second…


What I’ve noticed is a “common” trait that most people have. We want to say we’re included in the fellowship of believers, but having God live on the inside of us is a totally different subject. Yes, we want people to know we believe in God. And yes, we want others to know we go to church with some regularity. However, saying that God lives in us exposes us for who we really are–or not. See, if God lives in you, wouldn’t that mean something more than just being a follower of Christ? It would mean having the power of God at your disposal. And the results most people have is nothing close to the results that God has. We’re talking about how to identify a person who has “an unfair advantage.”

Let’s make a contrast. Having God live in you illuminates your life and brings a wealth of knowledge and information. It’s this process that makes us no-longer-common–going from darkness to light. Being ordinary on the other hand is not knowing what to do with information or not having the information at all. Being ordinary is not knowing. It’s the lack of knowledge and information. Those who lack knowledge-God–in any area are at risk of failing and coming up short.
Lacking knowledge in how to care for your spouse, opens you up to failing in your relationship.
Lacking knowledge in your studies, will lead to failing the course or class.
Lacking knowledge in how to manage your finances leads to financial collapse.
Lacking knowledge in how to run your business or perform your job functions leads to failing at the job.

We have seen so many people profess Christ and fail in life that it is “common” for our image of God to be weak and powerless. Therefore, we expect this image and we are weak [in our faith]. I have to say this but weak and God don’t go together.

You are from God [given birth from the uncommon One], little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you [making you uncommon] than he who is in the world [the one who wants you to remain “common”]. (1 JOHN 4:4 NASB)

The point I want to make is that it’s okay for you to be different, unique, not like anyone else.
It really is the true sign that God does live in you. It’s also the sign that you have an unfair advantage.

You are from God.
Knowing this should give you power. The knowledge of knowing that God is your father is power, especially when your dad owns it all.
You were given birth from the One who masters being uncommon. In fact, He’s un-human. That means you can be un-human, un-normal just like Him.

Greater is He who is in you.
Those who have Christ living in them have the full power of God, the creator of the universe, at their disposal. Being different is a good thing, when we allow His power to make us great.

We must take the “no longer common” approach of resisting the contrary thoughts that might try to enter our thinking.

We belong to the most high God. We have His spirit living in you and that makes you great. It makes us unique. It makes us one of a kind. It gives us an unfair advantage with everything we do.

The No-Longer-Common Action: What would you say to someone who said it was impossible for God to be alive in you? Leave your response and comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


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