Unlocking More Levels Unlocks More Love

Love the Most Magical Experience

Part 2 – Unlocking More Levels Unlocks More Love

Imagine walking up to the entrance of “The Tower of Love”, once you get there you’re presented with a question.  Which relationship is the focus of your visit?  Hmmm, you say?  What do you mean by that?  The guard begins to give you ground rules for access.  Only people in an identified relationship are permitted to enter.  No one is granted access without having a focused relationship.  So which will it be?

20170115 NLC Blog - Unlocking More Levels Unlocks More Love
Relationships differ because of their love dynamics
In other words, knowing the relationship is important.  The relationship you have with your mom is different than what you have with your dad and so on.  The reason the relationships differ is because the dynamics of love are different.  That’s exactly what this book longs to convey.  

We’re many pages away from defining the building’s floors, but the floors represent a different attribute of love and every true relationship has at least access to one of the floors.

Recall last week’s blog post, this year the theme for my writing will be based upon a book I’m authoring called, The 16 Levels of Love (for now).  While this book does talk about love the basis or qualifier for love is relationships.  You can’t have an object for “love” without it.  Think of it this way, the Bible says that God so “loved”…that He gave.  His target for “love” was you, the world.

In this imaginary building, each time a person enters they have the option of changing their relationship-focus.  When the focus changes, so does the dynamics of the building.  Not all the floors that were accessible in one relationship are accessible in another.  Maybe a floor that was inaccessible is now accessible because of who the relationship-focus is.  

Think of it this way, the relationship “father to daughter” will differ from the relationship of “daughter to father”.  You can understand that.  A father will give all for their daughter’s future, where a daughter doesn’t usually have to make the same “love” sacrifice for their father.  Maybe a daughter sees her father as the best representation of God?  The point is, the relationship is different and thusly access to the various levels of love are different.  
Now imagine how these relationships can be different:

  • Sister to brother isn’t the same as sister to sister
  • Supervisor to employee isn’t the same as employee to manager
  • You to your favorite checkout clerk at your favorite store isn’t the same as you to your dear friend

Unlocking more levels unlocks more love
Because the relationships that will make this book dynamic differ, the goal at the end will be for you to learn how to unlock more of the levels of love in the relationships you desire.  You will also learn why the relationships you have are the way that they are.  When you begin to notice how many of the 16 levels a particular relationship is lacking, you’ll be able to improve the relationship by accessing the missing level.  When this occurs, the respective relationship will experience love, the glue that holds everything together, to a greater level.

To be normal is to accept things the way that they are, but to be extraordinary is to see things the way they can be and they will be.  I once heard it said that you can’t see the things that you desire until you have it, but the truth is you can’t have what you desire until you can see it.  Envision it.  You’ve not experienced relationships at their highest level because you didn’t know there was a higher level.  That ends now. 

Are you ready to unlock the door that’s keeping you from having the best relationships you possibly can?  Leave me a note about one of the relationships you wish to improve.

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