Love the Most Uncommon Magical Experience

I once heard a pastor say that everything hinges on love and I’ve found this is true, but normal people have no idea how that works.

Last year, you helped me write the content for the expanded version of When Ordinary is No Longer Enough. This year, my team and I are preparing to share thoughts on a subject we all talk about often. You are going to be apart of a new book I’m writing and excited to share.  For now we will call it, “The 16 Levels of Love”.

In my weekly updates, I will share the concept and idea behind the story that will make up this somewhat fictitious book.  However, the information I provide weekly will be based upon “uncommon” truths as you’re accustomed to.

Enough with the explaining, I’m too excited, so let’s begin…

20170108-nlc-blog-love-the-most-uncommon-magical-experienceI like to think of “love” as magical.  If you haven’t learned by now, it’s not a normal thing.  I like to use words that get you to thinking, like magical.  Why?  Because “normal” pollutes everything and has done its best to destroy the “love” we have and can have.  “Love” can appear and disappear.  You can feel it close or you can see it fade in the distance.  In the book I’m writing, I want to use a story about a building where its workers oversee “love”. They have a monopoly on how to use and distribute love and more importantly how it works.  In the building that I will call “The Tower of Love”, individuals may enter and discover the secrets to Love’s magic.  The secrets of a way of life that’s everything but normal-magical.

Love is Magical
Unlike the normal concepts you’ve been taught regarding “love”, it is magical.  If you don’t see it this way, it can mean only two things: 1) you’ve never experienced it and 2) you have no idea what it is.  Love isn’t something you find daily in the world around you.  It’s special, unique and while it is uncommon, there is an abundance of it waiting out there for you if you seek it.

In fact, we usually stand in awe when we experience genuine love.  This proves that it’s not a normal every day occurrence, but it can be.  I don’t want to give too much of the story line away this soon, but “love” is magical because the results it produce are miracles.

“Love” is unable to produce anything “normal”.  It doesn’t see anyone as normal and it doesn’t respond in ways that are common to mankind.

We have a lot of ground to cover.  We need to define “love”.  We need to talk about where it comes from and how it impacts us.  We need to discuss why something so plentiful can be unattainable at times.  We need to talk about who can be its recipients and how.

Where is love…
There is but one place “love” can be found and that place is within the confines of human relationships.  All relationships can experience one or more of the 16 levels of love.  The key is to define the relationship and identify which level of love is present or not.  In this fictitious book, a person enters The Tower of Love, but before access is granted, they must first decide which relationship is the focus of their visit.  This focus determines which levels are accessible.  Without a relationship with others, experiencing “love” is not possible.  Did you know that after God created the entire planet, it wasn’t complete until He created people…the place for the magic of love?

Are you ready for a new experience?  Are you ready to experience something the whole world desires, but few ever attain?  Are you ready for the magic of love?  Leave me a comment, ask me a question or tell me what you think of “The 16 Levels of Love”.

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