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As we bring 2016 to an end, I’m reminded that I’ve spent this entire year drafting the expanded version of When Ordinary is No Longer Enough.  You all have been a huge part of helping me create the best content for this book-an awesome feet.    

Now I get to do something for you.  I want to give you some advice on how you can achieve great things in this new year, 2017.  If you haven’t learned this yet and if I haven’t said it enough, let me say it again, “normal” didn’t work in 2016 and it won’t work in 2017.

20170101-nlc-blog-share-something-new-in-2017I am going to spend not only 2017, but the rest of my life coaching others how to get beyond “common”.  It’s a perfect time for you to do something “uncommon”.  Partner with me to make 2017 an uncommon year for both you and me.

Plan to have…
Uncommon relationships,
An uncommon family,
Uncommon personal achievements,
Uncommon well-being and financial fitness,
An uncommon relationship with your creator, and
Uncommon impacts on the world around you.

Look, I don’t want to be the only one having all the fun.  Your world needs you.  I need you and more importantly God needs you.

How can you help?
I’ll make it easy.  Start by sharing this post with your friends.  Sharing what you know is the best way to help others see beyond what’s normal, natural and ordinary.

Next encourage them to subscribe to my weekly updates and receive my ebook, When Ordinary is No Longer Enough, for free.  When we signup for something, we feel like we’re apart of something.  You’re apart of something great, the no-longer-common community.

Lastly, share your intentions, your goals, and your new year with others you trust.  I’d even be honored if you shared them with me.  Find someone you can start sharing your plans with and meet them to discuss regularly.  This will encourage progress in any area you wish to change.  Sharing is how we, the uncommon, sow seeds that will yield a harvest of greatness in our lives.  

2017 can be your best year ever.  Commit with me that you will turn away from the same old way you’ve been doing things and do something new.

Happy new year from my family to yours!

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