Male and Female: Incubators for Love

Love the Most Uncommon Magical Experience – Part 3

I’m going to try something a little different today.  I’m going to start with the end in mind.  It’s not good to be without a relationship.  Everything we will ever do in life involves some type of relationship.  And the beautiful thing is, it was intended to be that way.

God created them male and female…
Sounds familiar?  It should; it’s a quote we’ve heard many times before from the Bible.

“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them [the love recipients]; male and female he created them.”

20170122 NLC Blog - Male and Female- Incubators for Love
So what does it really mean?  Who are the “them”?  They are the recipients of love.  God created one being in one of two categories: male and female.  Neither category is good without the other.  The male needs the female and vice-versa.  They’re the ones who can have a connection and experience love.  People.  People need people to experience this thing called love.   

It’s not good for a person to be without a relationship.
“Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone [without a relationship]. I will make a helper [someone he can be in relationship with] who is just right for him.””

It’s the relationship that makes conditions just right for love-the way God intended it.  Notice in the above passage, it didn’t say he needed a lover.  This indicates that love is much more than what we limit it to.  It doesn’t say, he needed a house-keeper.  The relationship, while it can be that, is something much greater.  It doesn’t say he needed a boss.  While we do have relationships with our bosses, the relationship isn’t defined by positions.  The relationship, rather, is with a person with whom he could perfectly relate.  The key is “relate”.

I know this underlying thought implies that love can’t exist between humans and animals.  I’m not even going there, but I will say this…animals weren’t good enough to satisfy the relationship man needed. Ordinary human beings minimize this foundational need to have real relationships.  

Recall this post is written as a part of the book I’m writing which we’re calling, The 16 Levels of Love.  Without a relationship, there really isn’t a need for love.  This need for love is what makes us unique from any other species that God created.  What I’m saying is this, there is no reason to enter the imaginary, Tower of Love if you have nobody  to love.  

Are you tired of missing out on the most basic human need just because you haven’t mastered how to have a true relationship with another?  That’s normal.  You’re not normal and this is what The 16 Levels of Love will help you improve.

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