The Voice In Your Head Offers Help In Three Ways

What Normal People Don’t Want You To Know About the Holy Ghost – Part 2

What does it mean when you hear that voice inside your head?

Don’t be surprised when God’s spirit shows up in your life unlike you’d normally think He would.  That’s normal. Normal people have an expectation of God, His Spirit, and how He works; that’s just not actual.  It’s not true. Normal people believe the lies about God’s spirit. In this web-post, I want you to take notice of the voice that’s in your head.  That voice just might be God’s spirit helping you with life.

And when he comes, he will convict the world of its sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgment. –

“And when He comes,”
He has come and there’s no doubt about it.  This is what ordinary people don’t understand or have a hard time understanding.  Who is “He”? This “He” is who I referenced in my previous web-post, “A Person Not A Thing.”  Some uncommon advice is…since He’s come, then it will do you well to get to know exactly who He is and what He can and will do for you.  And this leads to the next question, why?

I’ll start with three reasons “why” He’s here to give us some help.  (FYI – there are more.)

Knowing what we do wrong
“He will convict the world of its sin,”
There are two words in this phrase that stick out for me and they are: “world” and “sin.”

He will do something for the “world” that just doesn’t normally happen.  Did you know a person under conviction isn’t a normal emotion or behavior to have.  No, that’s something that comes as a result of God’s spirit, being in the presence of God.  

Have you ever wondered why some people can be convicted of an action made while other people could care less and go unimpacted?  It’s the difference between those who are convicted and those who are not; those who are influenced by God and those who are not; those who remain common and those who become uncommon.

He convicts the world of its “sin”, the things that a person does wrong against God, others and even themselves.  A normal person doesn’t see much wrong with their actions and behavior. They have no reason to and as a matter of fact, they have no way of even knowing that their actions are out of sync and produce the negative results they have in life.

Doing it His way
“[He will convict the world] of God’s righteousness,”
God’s spirit will convict the world of God’s righteousness.  In other words, He will convict the world in the ways of God.  How would God like us to attempt what we do? I like this because He will show us what we need to know, what we need to see, and how we need to respond.  From small to large He will guide us.
His way of doing what we do is different than ours.  It’s far better. I’m not talking about going to church 7 days a week.  God does a whole lot more outside of church than He does inside the church contrary to what you’d normally think.

Seeing the future
“[He will convict the world] of the coming judgement.”
This last reason He comes, judgement, is a little tricky.  It sounds bad. I’m not going to pretend like I totally understand this, but what I do know will help.  You see ordinary people don’t live as if they have a sense of judgement. They don’t subject their decisions, actions, and behaviors to God’s judgement.  They don’t think about the consequences of actions made. That’s what makes uncommon people unlike the normal person. You have the knowledge that your actions produce reactions.  There’s a cause and effect; whatever you sow you will reap. You’re accountable for what you do.

Though this topic seems simple, it’s only simple to those who already master it.  The average person will find this difficult, but the uncommon find themselves already living this way.

Whenever you look to scripture, you must evaluate it in light of this thought.  Scripture teaches us what normal people overlook. It gives us an edge that very few ever take advantage of.  Don’t leave your help laying on the table when it’s free and guaranteed to produce better results in your life.

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