A Claim That Will Set You Apart

What Normal People Don’t Want You To Know About The Holy Ghost – Part 3

Is it time for you to stake a claim?  

Now what in the world do I mean by that?  Glad I asked (smiley). I found something very interesting that sets an uncommon person apart from a normal person.  The uncommon aren’t afraid to stake their claim. Are you ready to learn more? Go with me. I have 3 claims I’d like to make about those who wish to be uncommon.

So I want you to know that no one speaking by the Spirit of God will curse Jesus, and no one can say Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Spirit. – bible.com/116/1co.12.3.NLT

You must be able to identify the things ordinary people don’t.
“So I want you to know [something ordinary people don’t]”
Because this phrase is in scripture, it means ordinary people don’t know this.  What follows is not common knowledge and that means any one who goes beyond this point will no longer remain ordinary.

A person who speaks with an uncommon voice can’t frown upon others who do the same.
“[N]o one speaking by the Spirit of God [having an uncommon message] will curse Jesus”

Contrary to what we wish to believe this club is exclusive, the uncommon club that is.  Everyone isn’t a member. Not as many as you wish to think are members and I hate to burst that bubble.  So how can I say this you say? Let’s continue. Having God’s spirit interacting in your life, produces a love and acceptance of God’s son, Jesus.  So what does it mean for people who can’t say His name or feel “some kind of way” about Jesus? They’re missing His spirit. I’d like to say that’s okay because it’s normal and expected, but because I’m in a fight against normal, I really don’t think it’s okay.  However, that statement is a little insensitive even for me. So I won’t say, but will just let you think it.
I know you’re thinking that not every uncommon person expresses acceptance of Jesus and you’re right.  Their problem (and yours) is this. They don’t accept the “common” views of society either otherwise they’d be just like every other ordinary person.  And that being the case, they can’t accept the “normal” belief that goes against Jesus either. I’ll just let you think about that.

The uncommon are uncommon because they’re influenced by the uncommon.
“no one can say Jesus [The Uncommon One] is Lord, except by the Holy Spirit [the spirit hat makes one uncommon]”

Normal people are normal because they have normal influences, they’re influenced by other “normal” people.  To be uncommon, you must be influenced by the uncommon. There is no way to become something you are not without encountering something different.

  • It wasn’t until Moses encountered God’s presence, His spirit, that He became the deliverer.
  • It wasn’t until Saul encountered God’s presence that he became the Apostle Paul.
  • It wasn’t until David encountered God that He was able to slay a giant.
  • It wasn’t until Daniel encountered God that he was able to survive the lions’ den.

It won’t be until you encounter God’s spirit that…

  • Your home, personal life, and personal endeavors will be uncommon.
  • Your work habits, career, your business, will be unlike any others.
  • Your spirituality and connection with your creator will take on new meaning.
  • Your interactions with others in society, your neighborhood, or recreationally will make a difference.
  • Your relationships will cause you to love and beloved like no one else.

So what’s your claim?  Will you remain like the rest of the pack or are you ready to make some statements, make some noise, make a sound, like no one else?  This is what uncommon people do and you are no exception.

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