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What Normal People Don’t Want You To Know About the Holy Ghost – Part 1

What are your perceived or preconceived ideas of the “Holy Spirit” (H.S.)?

If your first thoughts are unpleasant or undesirable then you’ve fallen prey to ordinary thinking.  You’ve been contaminated by society’s norms. Here’s something you need to know, everything that you see as amazing, excellent, and noteworthy is a product of the Holy Spirit or otherwise stated “His Spirit.”

“Common” has a bad picture of what His Spirit is.
I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears saying again, His Spirit gets a bad wrap.  I know when I was a child that “Holy Ghost” was something else. It certainly wasn’t that quiet still voice we associate with God.  Compared to the thoughts we have of God (and Jesus) the Holy Spirit is a demon-possessing spirit. I’ve never met that person who said they just want to be filled with The Spirit or baptized in The Spirit.  You’d have to be insane for that. I’ve witnessed people who fall-out under “its” power. I’ve seen church-pews destroyed by “its” power. You know what I mean? Who in their right-mind wants to be possessed and have their body’s thrown into uncontrollable fits of rage?

The elephant in the room isn’t in the room at all.
Yet, I know many who desired to know God and countless numbers say they believe in God and at the same time hesitate when asked about His Spirit, even though they believe God is spirit.  Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. Some people use the spirit-filled designation as something He was never intended to be, a badge of Christian success. In other words, you’ve reached a higher Christian status when you have the “Holy” Spirit.  What’s “common”, normal, and average is believing this unsupported claim not found in the Bible. Some people are afraid of “it” happening to them. Why has popular thinking made being filled with God’s spirit (God) like an incurable and very contagious disease only found in some churches, not all.  That isn’t supported by scripture either.

Smarter Than Those Without Him
This deserves repeating.  These elephant-in-the-room type of thoughts have no real scriptural support.  When you read about His Spirit in the Bible you get something desirable, not undesirable.  When the disciples were seen, folks around them knew they’d been in the presence of Jesus because these ordinary men no longer behaved like ordinary men.  They appeared more educated. That’s what His Spirit does to an ordinary human-being. He makes them (us) smarter than those without Him. He doesn’t make them less smart or less wise; He elevates our thinking and thusly our actions.

For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spiritmakes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image. – bible.com/116/2co.3.17-18.NLT

You see the Lord isn’t just God, He is the Spirit.  You can’t separate one from the other. It’s His Spirit that makes more out of us than we could ever make of ourselves.  We don’t remain normal, we don’t remain average, we don’t remain ordinary. You want to be more? You need a little connection with His Spirit.

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