How Are You Satisfying the Condition?

In Plain Sight, But Not Seen – Part 7

Why is it so “common” for a person to fall short of what they desire?

What keeps ordinary people from reaching their goals?  What stops them from pursuing their life’s dreams? What’s holding average people back from starting their own business or obtaining the desired career?  What makes it difficult for ordinary people to do life unlike other ordinary individuals? What’s the matter with normal people who find it difficult to maintain a good, lasting relationship?  Why is mediocrity causing so many to have a negative impact on those around them? That’s a lot of questions which have a “common” cause. Let’s get right to it.

I’d like to tell you that your desired life, home, family, career, spiritual goals, relationship, are all just one wrongly satisfied condition away.  Your life is an equation. It’s an “if, then” word problem that’s waiting for the right response. How are you satisfying the equation, the condition?

The answers you’re seeking are conditional.
Why you miss out, is a condition.  Not a medical condition. What this means is the condition to having the results you want must be satisfied appropriately.  Whether you realize it or not, everything we do boils down to a choice and that choice is simple. Are we or aren’t we? When you get up in the morning, you satisfy a condition.  Do I stay in the bed or do I get out of bed? Once that condition is satisfied then you get to move on to the next condition. You see, ordinary people don’t want to be accountable for satisfying the condition appropriately.  They just want things to happen no matter how the condition is satisfied.

You must satisfy the condition with the right response.
Satisfying the condition is one thing, but satisfying it with the correct response is another.  And this correct response is relative, it’s the correct response for you and what you plan to accomplish.  Let’s take a look at the scripture.

“If you [who are ordinary] look for me [who is extraordinary] wholeheartedly,
you will find me [the extraordinary desire you’ve been missing out on, otherwise you won’t].” –

I love a good “if, then” equation.  If you perform and satisfy the condition, then you’ll have the results that condition promises.  There’s no way around it.

The wrong response can also satisfy the condition.
It’s not normal thinking that we can satisfy a condition in a way that doesn’t benefit us.  Let me say it this way, we’d never intentionally admit that making the decision to stay in the bed when we should be out of bed is the wrong response to our condition which satisfies the desire we have to lose weight.  Normal doesn’t pair the results with the condition; he/she ignores that. When you satisfy the condition with a wrong response, it will yield the results we already have.

“If you [don’t] look for me wholeheartedly, you will [never] find me [what you’ve been looking for].” –

Ordinary people can’t find “it” because they don’t go all in to get “it.”
What does this have to do with “in plain sight, but not seen?”  Glad you asked. Everything we desire in life, God has placed it in our reach.  With that said, “if you look for [go after and all in for] what He’s placed in your reach, then you will find [obtain, take possession of] the very thing He’s making available to you.”  If you don’t, which is normal, then you won’t which is also “normal”.

The things, life, home, career, relationship, you desire is just one favorably satisfied condition away.  What will you do? How will you satisfy the condition?

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