The Flaw Of Normal Understanding

In Plain Sight, But Not Seen – Part 6

Have you ever gotten into trouble relying on your own way of understanding?

Of course, we all have; it’s normal.  Normal people fall into the “I know what I’m doing” trap.   You see we all want others to believe we have it all figured out; this too is normal behavior.  In fact, we repeat this behavior so much that we become oblivious to the results we’re getting by doing it just like everyone else.  It surprises me that we take actions like someone else and expect to have a different outcome than what they had. Here’s a simple example.  I see students take on the study habits of other average students and believe they won’t struggle in class. Or a person makes up in their mind not to repeat the results they’ve been having and yet never stop the normal behavior that got them there in the first place.

Normal human understanding is usually flawed.

Whether you believe this statement or not, time proves it again and again that “normal” human understanding leeds to “normal” human results.  Why do I say this? Just think of it in reverse. If it wasn’t flawed, you’d never misunderstand anything. You’d never get off course. You’d never allow someone to lead you down the wrong path.  You’d never make bad financial decisions, which is common. You’d never worry about how others see you, which is common. Our thoughts, thusly our understanding, is a critical key to how we view the world and its impact on our lives.

So what can you do to avoid this trap?

“Trust in the Lord [He who knows everything about you] with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding [set of directions].” –

Your thoughts can drive you in the wrong direction in the same way navigating the seas without navigational instruments will get you lost at seas.  

Surrender to the idea or anticipate how off your understanding can be.

Just like sailing, you need a way to navigate life so that you end up in the place you desire.  It’s true that the major (51% or better) rarely consult God, they’d rather do it their way. Normal people trust the least trustworthy, themselves and others just like them.  The uncommon however, don’t trust their own thoughts, but rely on God’s thoughts and those of other uncommon individuals. How often does a person make decisions based on their feelings and after sleeping on it, the next day have a change of heart?  

How does this tie into the message of “in plain sight, but never seen?”  Well it’s simple, you have your eyes set on something, go after it the “common” way, and end up not attaining it.  It’s “in plain sight, but not seen” because we’re doing life in a manner that will never get us the results we’re desiring.  What if we take it a little deeper, what if “normal” thinking about the “holy spirit” is the same type of thinking you can’t trust?

What would your career be like if you entrusted your understanding to God’s spirit?

What would your relationship be like if you used less of your understanding about your significant other and had more of His?

What would your spirituality be like if you got out of your head-space and allowed God’s spirit to give you some understanding?

Depend on your own understanding; you get the results you all ready have. You get the same results as everyone else. Don’t be foolish and depend on the understanding that put you in the position you’re currently in.  Do something different; think something different; understand differently.

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