Questions That Only God Can Answer

In Plain Sight, But Not Seen – Part 5

Have you ever been faced with a question that only God can answer?

Allow me to explain what I mean by this question in two ways:

  1. A “normal” person doesn’t have an answer to your question.
  2.  The answers you’re getting lead in two opposing directions and you’re left with no real (good) answer.

It’s just not easy to get someone to understand what they’re not ready to understand.

Experience is necessary to shape some answers you need.  Have you ever been asked a question by a child and you knew that child was not ready for?  There’s just no easy way for the child to understand. In order for the child to understand, he/she will need some additional help.  That help might be life and will come later with some experiences. It’s just not easy to get someone to understand what they are not ready to understand.  John Maxwell says it this way, “only time can teach us some things.”

Did you know people have to be ready to make the transition from “normal” thinking to thinking beyond what’s “normal.”  That’s what I’m here to help with. How can we get you to stop thinking like normal people so that you can get away from having normal results in life?

How we get answers that “normal” people don’t have.
I’ve found myself in this situation on number of occasions.  I will share one with you from my early childhood. But before I do, take a look at this.

“That is what the Scriptures mean when they say,
“No eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”
But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets.” –

There are times when no one can explain [for you] what God has set in place for you.  When that happens, which is more often than a “normal” person realizes, you need to consult the one who’s prepared those things for you.

We were young, in our teens, and one of my favorite aunts passed.  In that trying time, we were told of many of the issues she battled, illnesses she hid from the family.   She was leaving behind 5 children, who are younger than me. Of course, the question children will have is “why did God take my momma?”  Because of the closeness and love I had for these 5 kids, I needed an answer, if not for them for myself as well. So you can guess what I did.  I did what I do; I prayed. In “normal” English, I asked the only one who could give me an answer, God, Himself. The response I received allowed me into the “deep secrets” of God that ordinary people aren’t privy to.  What I learned from God, The Uncommon One, during this early age was two things:

  • God sees a picture of our lives that’s bigger than what we can ever see.  This death (if you want to call it that) happened at this time so that God would have these 5 kids be able to stand on their own, something that couldn’t happen with their mom present.  He knew he had to do something to ensure they would remain together and dependent on each other. These events were aligned so that other family members could play a bigger role in their life’s development that could not have happened any other way.
  • What would happen if you saw a glimpse of Heaven?  This is what God asked me.  What reaction would someone have if they saw a glimpse of Heaven?  Contrary to “normal” thinking, Heaven is a place that puts Earth to shame.  There is nothing about Earth that would make you want to return if you caught a glimpse of Heaven.  Just think about it for a moment; what would it be like to put on a perfect body and to see yourself wrapped in perfection?  He showed me what it would be like to have something as insignificant as a perfect haircut. You would become so mesmerized by Heaven, you’d lose sight of earth.  You’d immediately desire the same experience to be available for your loved ones who are still on earth. You must have an “uncommon” perspective of Heaven to understand this.  It’s what happened to my beloved aunt. She caught a glimpse of Heaven and nothing could compare. Plus, she has the assurance that because God knows best, she’ll be reunited with her children in just a while.

You wanna know what no one else can tell you?  Then you need some help. You need to ask God to reveal these things to you.  Why? No one else can and “normal” people will go a lifetime without ever receiving an answer to a question that can be answered.  Will you remain “normal” or will you try something “normal” people won’t ask The One who knows.
Don’t allow the things that are too big for your mind to handle to remain a mystery your entire life when you don’t have to.

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