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I Call Them eXtra-men – Part 7

I have to admit I’m enjoying giving my friends superhero names.  It’s as if I’ve promised to keep their secrets for years and now have permission to talk about it.  Imagine being a friend of Clark Kent, knowing that he’s Superman, but not being able to share it. Then one day, you have the okay to talk about the person no one else knows personally.  In looking at my friends and family in this light, it reminds me that they too are like superman, unique and possess their own gifts, superpowers. While I use the term superpower to make it easier for my readers to swallow it, what I’m truly referencing is the gift God has made of them which makes them “holy”, not like anyone else.  This person has a quality that sets them apart from anyone else and that’s the point of this message.

While I wish you had a friend like this next eXtra-man, I’m going to describe, you don’t and it’s okay because your friends have their own gifts.  No two people are the same and that’s what makes getting to know others so fascinating. After internalizing this content I hope it helps you see and identify the gifts in having the friends that you have.  This exercise in and of itself is uncommon. The super-friends that you have are different than what I have and that’s what makes them so great.

The challenges that would break a common man
As usual you’ll need a little history and background into how I came to know this extraordinary individual.  I inherited this friend (and his wife and family) by marriage. He’s what we could call a “friend-n-law”. But after a decade of interacting, we’re friends without the “n-law” business.  Based on this connection, he’s a lifelong friend. Like Clark Kent, this guy is a master of keeping his superpowers a secret. You’d think he was just a good ole country boy (no offense) who knows everyone.  But hidden behind the country boy persona lives something amazing.

It doesn’t matter what situation arises, he’s got it.  He has an answer or a phone number that will solve any problem.  
There are studies available that identify (at least 7 of) the top most stressful events that could happen and will likely happen to a person in their lifetime.  Life has tragedies that happen to us all, but when disaster strikes how do most people handle it? They fall apart, but not our friend. I believe he exists to help others get through such tragedies.  Think of him this way… when tragedies strike at him, he’s like the “Black Panther” who’s protective suit stores the energy from the negative blows. In the same way this guy stores the energy from his tragedies.  When his suit has been charged, then he releases positive energy on those who experience the same. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to our friend, “The Professional Human”. Let’s call him “Wyatt” to keep his identity a secret.

“The Professional Human”
Because of the way he is wired to handle life’s blows, this guy is a professional and so is his wife, his daughter, and his son.  I bet you don’t know what it is to have professional children, do you?

You’ve heard of professional athletes and business professionals.  How about professional students? Professional golfers? Professional drivers?  Professional hit-men? Professional performers? These people get paid for being professional or at the top of their vocations.  Not sure how the students get paid, but anyway.

If there was a business that trained people to be professional human-beings, he’s the owner of such a business.  He’s a professional at his work; in his home, in his church, in the community, on the field and anywhere else you might find him.  It matters not where you place him, he’s a professional. Not only is he a professional husband, together with his wife, he makes professional children and that would make him a professional parent, specifically a professional father.  X-man? No way. Extraordinary man! eXtra-man!

He knows what it takes to do life in a way like no one else.  “Holy” doesn’t make sense in natural common thinking because it’s not a natural common word.  Finding the “holy” characters around you will take you knowing what to look for; it’s not what you normally think.  This is why I’m taking my time to give you these examples. Each week, readers are amazed that I can see these common people as extraordinary human-beings.  So they challenge me to continue with more examples. I don’t mind since it’s helping others see the people in their world in an uncommon way.

Until next week, take at least one person you know and take note of at least three uncommon qualities they possess.  It will change you. Thanks for reading.

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