A Couple of Exponential Proportions

What You Can Learn From Mr. & Mrs. Smith?

I Call Them eXtra-men – Part 8

Not to get too far off track with my “I Call Them eXtra-men” series, the point is simply this, identify the uncommon, super-human, “holy” characteristics in those around you.  Take your eyes off the negatives and place them on the positive so that your life and theirs becomes better, becomes no-longer-common.  Now, I thought I was finished sharing once I highlighted a major portion of my mastermind group of guys. Then I thought about a couple, who are our friends, that have an amazing set of gifts that I thought you’d enjoy.

An Unstoppable Couple Together
To give you the best picture think of the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”  In this film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they’re a married couple, The Smith’s.  What appears to be an ordinary, nothing special couple, reveals two great individuals, assassins to be more specific.  Mr. Smith is a world class assassin and Mrs. Smith is equally world class, if not better. The two met as assassins, hid their true identities (gifts) and were married.  Pause: This is exactly what ordinary people do.  They hide their true identities, get married and wonder why after 6 months the marriage isn’t what they thought it should be.  It’s not until their identities are exposed that they find themselves more in love and more than able to work to resolve a dying, ordinary marriage.

When I was in full-time ministry, I worked closely with the church administrator.  Some would refer to us as the wonder twins and we had the power to make things happen, and so do these next two eXtra-men I want to share with you.  Individually they have their own unique abilities, but when placed together they have world changing abilities.

Back to “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, when they combined forces, they were an unstoppable couple.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith found no one else capable enough to depend on other than each other. You want a relationship like that?  

Transform ordinary things into extraordinary things.
The female of this couple, let’s just call her “Melissa” has the power to make what seems simple and ordinary, something extra-ordinary.  On a small scale, I’ve never seen anyone who can take a simple meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and turn it into the most memorable event, full of love and lots of laughter.  She has the power to transform what we see as ordinary into something absolutely extraordinary. For example, we’ve seen her take what one may consider a simple wedding and transform it into the most beautiful wedding, a wedding to be remembered by all.  We have seen her take a team of people from different backgrounds and transform them into the best of friends, even years later. What she does for a family or even a friend can’t be described in words, it’s just not normal. She’s a master at adding that little extra to turn what was ordinary into something amazing.  This list goes on and on…if only we had more time.

Now, for the male in this couple, let’s refer to him as “Johnny”.  Johnny has the power to connect people like no body’s business. His gift transcends race, culture, and working classifications.  I pride myself with being able to accomplish almost anything; however, compared to Johnny, I have many limitations. I would dare to say there’s no job too big or too small for him.  There’s not anyone you can name that he wouldn’t help or at least connect with someone who could help. Without a shadow of a doubt, this guy would come out victorious in the show “Naked and Afraid” for sure.  If I had to place all his attributes, accomplishments, and accolades in books no amount of volumes would contain them all, he’s just that eXtraordinary.

Their Powers Activated
As a couple, like the Smiths, when you put these two superpowers together the results are exponential.  I guess they need a name; let’s call them “The Compounding Couple.” They’d argue this point, but it’s impossible for the two of them to have a bad day, bad moment, or bad life.  They’ve used their powers for too much good. Together, they take generosity beyond any Christian I’ve ever seen, and then some. When they work on their DIY home projects, they activate their gifts and the results are unbelievable.  They give just a little more effort each day so that the return they receive later is exponential. X-men? No. eXtra-men; extraordinary man, extraordinary woman.

Pamela and I stick very close to these two and consider it our honor to do so.  If you plan on being a super-couple, you need to hang around super-couples. BTW – couples like this, unfortunately, are hard to find.  Why? They’re not normal. They’re uncommon, there’s not many out there like this. They’re eagles in nature. They soar above the rest. Find you a couple so that they can teach you how to obtain exponential results using the gifts you have.

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