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What My Dad Gave Me?

The Shoulders Upon Which We Stand – Part 1 

We received so much praise from the web-posts highlighting a few of our friends that we’ve been asked to do a few family members.  While I don’t have enough time nor the energy to do all, I have a few we will highlight over the next weeks. We will begin with my dad, Jesse Clark Sr., and most who know him will agree to this superhero name of “The Deacon”.

The Deacon
If he is anything through and through it’s a deacon.  Most people who know him might think that “Deacon” is his first name and “Clark” his last.  But I need to give you a little background into this superpower.

Most people reading this might know that (they should) the term “deacon” is used in church organizations and it’s also a word found in the Bible.  A deacon is like a knight found in the King’s court. A deacon is one who is commissioned and has the authority to see to the needs of the organization, kingdom, or church, in this case.

Why have we given this name “The Deacon” to my dad?
I have seen him build church operations in two unique Christian organizations, settings.  This process of building isn’t foreign, it’s a gift that was passed down from his mother, my grandmother.  As Clarks, we build things. Even my gift has at its core to build people, organizations, businesses, and churches.  This is just what we do.

Now for some history.

“The Deacon” and I (more he) wrote a manual about being a servant to the calling.  When I was in high-school, “The Deacon” approached me with a request that was foreign to the churches in our area at the time.  He said we were going to build a group of men whose job would be an extension of the pastor, the leader of the church. We’re going to create a group who’d be the hands, feet, and extension of the office of the pastor.  He then handed me his note cards. On the very first card read these words, “I’m doing a great work and I can not come down.”  In other words, he was/is building something great, and this group still exists in his church today.

“The Deacon” would study his Bible daily which gave me an example of Bible study.  In his church, he has always been respected as the one who can get the job done. When there’s a job inside the church to be done, no one hesitates to call on “The Deacon”.  I like to call him “The Deacon” and not just a deacon because not all deacons respond to the job like he does. Along with getting the job done, he’s a decision maker. Being “The Deacon” requires him to make decisions no one else would like to make and do things no one else will do.  Sounds uncommon right? It is.

What impact does “The Deacon” have on a family?
“The Deacon” is the final authority in the Clark family.  Whatever he says goes. When he’s made a decision, we all must fall in line.  What we’ve found as a family is that he’s out to do what’s right. He’s out for the best outcome.  He’s like Mufasa in the movie the lion king.  Mufasa was king, ruled as king, and respected as king, but it wasn’t until he was no longer present that those in the kingdom realized how, impacting a leader like Mufasa is to a thriving kingdom.  The same is true for a family with the presence of “The Deacon”. “The Deacon” isn’t just a family member, or a church worker, he’s one whose presence shapes, builds, and ensures the family and the organizations continue to thrive.  X-man? No; I don’t think so. eXtra-man. Extra-ordinary man, “The Deacon.”

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