The Iron Sharpener

The Making of Someone Great

I Call Them eXtra-men – Part 6

There’s a story in the Bible that many overlook and I want to bring it to your attention.  David, a shepherd boy, a no-body, who later became the most famous king of all times, did what no other person in his nation could have done.  He removed the burden, the challenge that the current king (Saul) could not remove or pay to have removed, himself. Sounds uncommon, right? It is.

Who better to teach you to be “king”?
David had three gifts or uncommon skills noted in scripture: 1) talented harp player, 2) a brave warrior & man of war, and 3) good judgement.  The first talent was revealed as he aided King Saul with a tormenting spirit which was soothed when David played his harp skillfully. His second skill was revealed when David killed Goliath, which we all know that story.  But the last, “good judgement” is a talent that was sharpened by the King’s son, Jonathan whom you probably know very little of.

This son, Jonathan, was the rightful heir to his father’s throne, yet he saw the potential in David to be a great king.  He helped David develop his “good judgement” and talents needed to be the next king. Imagine this, the person who has the right to be king, is training, mentoring, and helping his friend, his brother, become what he has every right to be.  What a person? What an extraordinary man, this Jonathan must have been.

This leads me into the extraordinary man I want to share with you today, whom I’m calling “The Iron Sharpener.”

The Bible teaches that “iron sharpens iron.”  In other words, the only metal that’s able and strong enough to sharpen iron is iron.  In the same way, who else is better to sharpen or shape a king (David) other than a king (Jonathan)?   That’s what this next eXtra-man is. Allow me to tell you a little about him.

The Iron Sharpener
This guy, let’s call him “Brian”, I’ve known now for over two decades.  When we first met, we were young consultants learning the information systems and technology industry and I must say he was so nice and friendly, I didn’t like him very much.  He has an uncommon, over the top friendliness and niceness about him.

This guy knows how to change the course of life.  He’s a student of it and is willing to teach me as he goes, just like Jonathan selflessly taught David.  He constantly consumes as much knowledge that men have to offer. He pours his life and heart into not only his work, but everything he does.  He is the most passionate guy in my mastermind group.  Because of this, I’m afraid to fail.  His passion makes me afraid to fail. Yes, me afraid to fail because of this guy and because of the relationship we’ve built, he is one of my overseers.  He is my Jonathan, who’s responsible for teaching me how to be “king”.

This guy and I have been through so many challenges.  He’s taught me how to use my sword to defeat armies, my sword is prayer.  I will say if there is one person I trust with my darkest secrets, you know my mess, this is the guy.  He will shield it, correct whatever’s necessary, and put you (me) back on the right path.

What this guy does for me more than anything is shows me how to have an everlasting love for family, especially his wife and daughter.  He’s showing me how to love like a “king”. From the very beginning until now and I’m certain beyond, he is the one I look up to as an example of a great marriage.  Side-note: I still hold a grudge of not being his best man, but he is certainly my best man. Who is better at teaching another to be a king than a king, himself? X-man?  No, extraordinary man, “the iron-sharpener.”

Hear my heart when I say this, I am enjoying writing about my friends and sharing with the world their extraordinary gifts.  When you put this in writing and speak it over their lives, it transforms them and the relationships you have. I employ you to give it a try.  Share with one of your closet friends, the gift they are to you and see how that relationship becomes an extraordinary one.

Until next week, you know what to do with this, share this stuff with someone and get ready for my next eXtra-man installment.  Thanks for reading.

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