Supporting Authority is A God Thing

Impacting More Than Just Yourself

Part 5 – Supporting Authority is A God Thing

The Patriotic Bandwagon
There are no greater patriotic times than when our government does something significant and humanitarian.  Let disaster strike and as a nation, we react to assist.  Everyone in the nation wants to take part and take credit.  Every politician declares it was their idea and motion for nomination.  All the citizens, respond as a part of the country who did something monumental.  However, let something go wrong then what…

20160911-nlc-blog-excluded-from-the-negativeBailing When Negative Results Occur
Anytime something goes wrong, everyone scatters and abandons those involved until only the one who can’t scatter remains.  What’s funny is this…if the mission, project or goal is accomplished successfully, everyone wants credit, takes credit.  When things go south, like the economy goes into a recession, we look for people to blame.  We shouldn’t be surprised by either reaction to the scenarios outlined.  That’s normal.  It’s what normal people do.  Watch out. [To the left, I go.] If this describes you, then you’re normal!  Regardless of what you think about yourself, if these are your actions, you are Normal!  So I have a tough job ahead, since this is an election year, I must show you how to get away from normal.  Normal people will say we need the government to do something and in the same voice say we have too much government involvement.  You’ve heard this and I bet from the same individual.  [More to the left.]  Well, I’m tired of what normal is doing in our society and government.  So I have something for you to think about…

A New Thought, God Established It
What if government was something God put into place?  What if this was all His doing?  What if President Barack Obama was president because God wanted it?

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.” – The New International Bible

Allow me to be me for just a second.  “There is no authority [none excluded, this includes President Obama] except that which God has established.”  You mean to tell me God did this?  Now I have a few additional questions.  What does it really mean for someone to rebel against the authority God has put into place?  Let me think about this.  I would conclude that those persons aren’t Godly at all.  How can they be, they go against what God has established.  Their actions are telling on them.  I tell you the truth, normal is a big problem.  It will have you insult God and not know it.  It will let you attack what God has established as if you support God.  Normal is a serious problem.

Pamela and I have a family value that’s appropriate for this installment.  Years ago we started a family plan that outlines our dreams, goals, accomplishments, values and so forth. In this plan, which we’re working to make available for others in the near future, we wrote that no matter who the president is, we will support them.  So, when the next president is elected, sworn in, they get our support because we know it’s been established by The One we serve and His way is better than the popular, common way.

Normal People Find Issues With God
[While I’m still going to the left.]  It doesn’t bother me when people around me find issues and are unsupportive of current administrations.  They’re common.  The Bible calls them ungodly.  I’m not surprised that those who aren’t connected with God find issues.  It’s what they do.  It’s what’s expected of them.  They don’t know how to do anything else.  But for us who know Him, we have an obligation to support what He supports.  We have an obligation to promote what He promotes and uphold what He upholds.  That’s what the uncommon do.  While normal people find issues with God, God’s people should have an issue with normal people who have turned away from what God has established.

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