Reminding “We the People” to be “The People”

Impacting More Than Just Yourself

Part 4 – Reminding “We the People” to be “The People”

Ordinary View of Society
You might find this interesting.  Ask anyone you run into their opinion of the government and society.  They will all declare how messed up our society is.  They will also, with passion, tell you how screwed up our government is and blame the government for most of the problems our society faces.  I bet you will as well.  This is what I call an ordinary view of society.  And before I continue, let me show you my cards.  Ordinary, at least when I use it, is never a good thing.  If ordinary folk have this opinion then that’s a sign that we have a problem, but not the one you’d expect.  If you have these same sentiments, then you too are ordinary and also have the same problem, but not the one you’d expect.  I love it when I see a “common” pattern, it’s the sign I need to know what not to do.  If everyone is blaming the government and our society, it’s the wrong action.  So then what would be a better action?

20160904 NLC Blog - Reminding -We the People- to be -The People-We The People
In contradiction, if you ask the very same people who is the government, they tend to say we are.  “We the people” make up the government.  They will also tell you how their voice and vote count.  Now listen to this, the very same people who blame the state of our society on the government, are the same people who are the government.  So the people complaining are the people who created the problem and issues in the first place.  “We the people” did this to ourselves.  The candidates “we” selected are the candidates “we” selected.  Ordinary people will complain and condemn the very people they put in place.  So what does, the uncommon person do?  They become the people “common” people complain about.  Take a look at the most famous person of all time, Jesus.  He was loved and promoted by masses.  He taught in synagogues, auditoriums and country-sides.  Hundreds and thousands were drawn to Him.  Yet the one who promoted Him, the common ones, were the very same people who condemned Him, The Uncommon One.  What is it about ordinary people?  They find it hard to follow someone not like them, common.

The Nation of Aliens
I call the government the nation of aliens.  Once those elected step out of an ordinary way of life, they’re viewed as an isolated group of people, aliens.  They’re no longer “common”.  They become viewed as a threat to the ones who elected them in the first place.  “We the people.”  Instead of supporting them as done when they were candidates, the ordinary person abandons them to again be amongst the popular crowd.  [To the left] What happened?  What typically happens to normal people-they’re ordinary.

They change from having a voice to having no voice.
They change from their vote matters to their vote doesn’t matter.
They change from love of country to hate of countrymen.
They leave involvement for complacency.

It’s what normal people do, but let me remind my readers, you’re not normal.  “You are the people.”  You are the people who make a difference.  You are the people who make our society and government better.

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