Thank God for an Extraordinary Foundation

Impacting More Than Just Yourself

Part 6 – Thank God for an Extraordinary Foundation

If normal people believe that society is not good and whatever the government does is wrong, what does someone who isn’t a citizen think?  I guess what I’m asking is, as an outsider what would you think?  

20160918-nlc-blog-the-government-is-made-up-of-normal-peopleWhat observations can you make?
Observe this society in which you live.  Normal represents what the majority believes.  That doesn’t mean it’s the correct perspective or the best point of view.  You see, normal sees things that are most comfortable and certainly easiest to swallow.  Normal people don’t believe they can achieve more than the rest.  Normal people don’t believe that the outcome can be better.  They settle with what the circumstances paint.  They see what’s right in front of them.

Who makes up this government anyway?
If you being normal means that you believe the government is some other group of people, then who are those people and what group do they belong?  I want to say something simple yet extreme.  Could it be that our government is made up of ordinary people?

That would explain why we…

  • Have laws that make no sense.
  • Favor the few and make it difficult for the many.
  • Band things that help (like prayer) and approve things that hinder.
  • Accumulate trillions in debt when we have the greatest minds available to solve it.
  • Make one group pay more than another group.
  • Abuse governmental funding and the people suffer.

I’m convinced it’s ordinary people running this thing.  Fortunately for us all, we had extraordinary people who started it and left us an extraordinary foundation.  That’s the only way we can explain it.  If we had extraordinary people running things, we’d have extraordinary solutions to resolve extraordinary problems.

What it’s like to be a foreign diplomat?
Now for you Christ-like people, those I call “no-longer-common.”  You can live on Earth as a foreign diplomat.  Why would you live like you belong here?  Why would you want an ordinary  existence when you can have an extraordinary one?

“He has come from above and is greater than anyone else. We are of the earth, and we speak of earthly things, but he has come from heaven and is greater than anyone else.”

Do you know what it means to be “greater than anyone else”?  It means you’re not normal, you’re not ordinary, you’re not “common”.  As followers of Christ, you’ve been given everything you need to be like Him.  Power from above making you greater than anyone else.  Backing from Heaven making you greater than anyone else.  [To the left.] For those of you who don’t use this privilege, I wish you’d just denounce Christ altogether.  Why in the world would you accept Christ, but not His power?  Why would you say you surrender your life to Someone, but act as if He is inferior to you?  Why would you pretend to be one of His children who came from Heaven, but continue to behave like you’re from the earth?  Ordinary, common, average, mediocre and normal have no place in His kingdom.  You are a foreign diplomat, so act like it!  I feel like saying…in Jesus’ name!

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