The Spirit Brings Control

Does the Holy Spirit take control of your body?  Will I end up doing uncontrollable things when I surrender to this force called ‘the spirit’?

Extraordinary:  It takes very little to be extraordinary.  Getting beyond “normal” doesn’t take a lot of energy.  In this case, it means you need to stop believing a lie that the Holy Spirit will make you lose control.  Uncommon individuals know that sounds like what demons do. There must be a difference between God’s spirit and evil spirits—demons.  If the evil spirit causes you to lose control, there’s only one thing that a Godly spirit can do and that’s give you control. If being ordinary means you’re out of control, being uncommon must mean you’re in control.

What’s interesting about this thought is that it’s backwards.  When I relied on my normal thoughts and beliefs about the “Holy Spirit”, I didn’t want to have anything to do with, what I now know as, Him.  The Spirit will make you seem out of control so I thought. But since I know that being out of control is a sign of an evil spirit, what then does the Holy Spirit look like…since I obviously don’t know.

You can have (whatever it means to have) power.
“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere…” ‭‭-

Before I even try to go here, let me first state that I don’t know in totality what it means to have power. This is an area of learning for me. Power is the ability to do something. The ability to influence change. Power. But what I do know is that normal, ordinary, regular people have no power.

They have no power to change their situations and outcomes.
They have no power to heal the sick.
They have no power to bring miracles into the lives of others.
They have no power to cause dead things to live.
They lack the power to improve their relationships.
They lack the power to get promoted.
They lack power to see their lives transformed.

What I do know is that being normal comes with no power, whatever it means to have power.

When the Holy Spirit comes on you, what you receive is power.  And that’s not the only thing, because of this power, you become a witness that has the ability to change things that go beyond yourself and touches the world.  This sounds like control to me and not someone who is out of control.

You have (whatever it means to have) life.
I have to show you this about the Holy Spirit.  You thought you knew about the Holy Spirit…what I’m about to show you will mess up your thinking.

“So letting your sinful nature control your mind [which is normal] leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind [which is uncommon] leads to life and peace.” –

I must laugh sometimes when I reflect back on some of the bad and incomplete teachings I’ve received.  All this time, I thought the Holy Ghost was some spooky, change the way I talk, make me act psychotic, kind of spirit.   Here it is in plain English, normal thinking leads to whatever we deem as death. I leave it you to define that. And letting the Spirit control our thinking brings whatever we deem as life.  Those who taught me had this flip-flopped. I was told that life before accepting Christ [sinful things] was the way to live, but being spiritual [joining The Church] took away all the fun [brought death to living].  What gives? Holy is not what you think!

Now it make sense as to why so many lack life and everything around them is dying.  Their business is drying up. Their homes are falling apart. Their marriage is deteriorating.  Their kids are drifting away. That’s death and that’s common. Here it is the answer to your problem is right in front of us.  We need to reverse death and there’s only one way—let the Holy Spirit control our mind. I tell you the truth…Holy is not what we think!

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