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Faith Is Not What You Think

The word “faith” has been used in so many contexts that the word and its meaning have become watered down. In this web-post, we want to redefine it and give some “next-level” insight on what the word means to enhancing one’s life.

Read the Bible Again…for The First Time

For many years, I thought Christianity was more of their struggles.  In my mind, it was the daily fight we’d have with the devil. Does this sound familiar?  Most of the time, He’d win because we’re on his turf. I thought the devil had the home field advantage.  At least …

Refining Our Audience

We’re refining our target audience just a bit and in this web-post we explain why. It’s our goal to serve those who we’ve been privileged to serve as best we can. In doing so, we get to make a bigger impact on those who need it most. Check it out.

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When Ordinary is No Longer Enough Today is When Ordinary is No Longer Enough! Have you thought about who you really want to become? Some people step out into the real world wanting to become doctors or lawyers. Some want to put up their own businesses, while some choose to …

United We Stand

Have you ever felt the urge to turn away from the church because of the evident disconnect in a lot of aspects? A lot of people have stopped going to church or being active in their communities because of this fact. After all, if the church itself is divided, how …