The Role Breaker

The Help You’ve Been Waiting For

The Shoulders Upon Which We Stand – Part 4

In this lesson, I want to use an eXtra-man, a family member to teach us a lesson on how to get the job done.  When you make a job or task too big or too small for you to handle, you are considered normal. When you wait for a man or a woman to do a job, you’re normal.  If you’re a man who waits for a woman to cook a meal, then you’re normal. If you’re a woman who waits for a man to take out the trash and mow the lawn, then you’re normal.  This next eXtra-man (woman) has no concept of “normal” in this way.

Let’s call her “Mrs. Dollie Fay”, my mother-in-law.  Her superhero name is “The Role Breaker”, when she comes out of the phone booth in her superhero suit, so to speak.

No lines defining who can do the job

Mrs. Dollie is willing to do any job.  Work is not a problem for her. She reminds me of those courageous woman during WWI & II who went out into the workforce to do the job of their men who were out fighting for our freedom.  She’ll roll up her sleeves, learn a job in a matter of hours that took men years to create, and get the job done.

The Bible says that God created mankind in two models: a male model and a female model.  This female model was brought in to help the male model. I believe, as inspired by Dr. Myles Munroe, that the female model does her best work when she can help get the job done.  This female model is looking and searching for the male model who has too much work to get done so that she can get involved, get her hand on and accomplish what the male model could never have done on his own.

If it (a job) can’t be done, she can do it.  You see “The Role Breaker” doesn’t stop at defining the roles until after the work is done.  She doesn’t like to waste time waiting to begin, she begins and finishes then we can talk and disagree about it after she’s done.  You’ve not seen many gifts like this, but sometimes things just don’t fit. Bring in Mrs. Dollie and she’ll figure out a way to make it work.

Make Your Home Uncommon

Mrs. Dollie has a way of taking a home and making it a new home over and over again.  Most normal people would have to purchase a new house in order to see a new home. “The Role-Breaker” says why wait to go through purchasing a new house just to obtain a new home; that’s common and unnecessary.

You might visit her home one month, but in a few months, she’ll have that home reconfigured, changed, made-over.  It’s not just changed, it’s improved. She performs upgrades to home; unheard of? We’re talking about super-powers, “holy” abilities, things that normal people just don’t have the skills, talents, and gifts to do.

I’ll Help You

If her husband can’t depend on others to accomplish his dreams and goals, he can always depend on her.  She can do the job of others, but better with more passion and excitement because she was made to get the job done.  Calamity and setbacks wouldn’t keep her from making something of the pieces. You want to know what Eve was doing while Adam was doing his job?  The same thing as Adam and that’s the picture “The Role Breaker” gives us. Sounds unreal right? Uncommon? Sure it does and this is why I like writing about it.  X-woman? No. Extraordinary woman. eXtra-woman!

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