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What Person Believes They Can When Others Say They Can’t?

The Shoulders Upon Which We Stand – Part 3

In this web-post, I want to give you something that’s been given to me.  In this series, “The Shoulders Upon Which We Stand“, the people around you play the biggest roles in making you, you.  They make you unique and because of their influence, even interference, you have a handcrafted, custom tailored life given to you by God.  It’s time that you see it this way. Let’s learn to appreciate it.  

Here’s the thought I want to give you, no one has to qualify you, but God Himself.  You don’t need anyone’s approval to be what you’re called (purposed, destined) to be and do.  Have you been denying the world of what you have to offer because someone didn’t endorse you?

This next eXtra-man, is my father-in-law, let’s just call him “Mr. Jimmie”.  If I had to give him a superhero name, it would be “The Affirmed”. Let me explain why.

“It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God.” – ‭‭ 

It’s easy, in fact it’s normal to desire the credit for the gifts we’ve been endowed.  Let’s say you’re good at basketball, normal is the person who credits his own abilities as if that skill wasn’t a gift.  It’s not until you realize that our qualifications for anything we’re good at come from God; then is your thinking uncommon. 

“He has enabled us to be…” –‬‬ 

Regardless of what talent you have, “He [God] enabled you to be…[whatever it is, you are]”

Back to “The Affirmed”… No matter what the world said he couldn’t do, he has the power to do. 

Have you ever heard someone tell you their life story and it just leaves you speechless.  That’s what “The Affirmed” does. His story is one that says you’re not qualified, you’re not affirmed, you might not even have what it takes, but because he (you) are uncommon (“holy”), you do what others said you couldn’t anyway.  

People might be saying you’ll never finish that degree, or your business idea is no good, or you’ll never finish that book.  They might be saying who’s qualified you to attempt such an audacious undertaking? “The Affirmed” would say you don’t need anyone to tell you you can, except you, and you can.  In fact, you should just because of the naysayers.

Not only does he defy the “common”, he doesn’t allow time to deter him from his goals.  What normal, ordinary people do is give up when it takes longer than what they think it should to get the results they desire.  Not this guy, he acts as if it’s all just a matter of time. The goal is going to come to pass, it’s only a matter of time. He keeps pressing forward until it’s done. 

God’s word is at his core.
What I admire about uncommon people is that they live by “Bible” principles whether they know it’s Bible or not.  But when you find one that knows it’s Bible then he, like this guy, can tell you exactly what to expect. 

The Best Minister in Life
A preacher isn’t followed or taken seriously until he has results that warrant his respect.  “The Affirmed” is such a minister to whomever he comes in touch with. He remains consistent like God, the same today, yesterday, and forever.  He allows his life to be the ministry that inspires others. He doesn’t just live by the words, but actions that align. X-man? No. eXtra-man. Extraordinary man.

You know what I do when I get in the presence of this eXtra-man?  I ask questions. I don’t want to live life with such a super-person that I had the chance to know what makes him super and fail to ask questions.  That would make me normal. I’m not normal, I’m going to tap into every superpower I can from those around me. And if you want to be super in life, then so should you.  This is what it means to be “holy”, uncommon, extraordinary.

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