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Overcoming the Challenge of Finding Another’s Gift

The Shoulders Upon Which We Stand – Part 5

What do you do when you can’t find that one gift you know is present in all human-beings?

When you begin the journey of identifying all the gifts you see around you, you’ll at some point inevitably get stuck on a person.  You’ll find it difficult to hone in on their one gift. This could mean a number of things, but it doesn’t mean they have no gift. It could mean that you’re so close and interact so regularly their gift has become commonplace.  You are so accustomed to the gift that it no longer stands out for you as it does for others. It could mean you see them as always developing and not having mastered their gifts even though they have. This happens to parents who assess the gifts within their children.  Nonetheless, I find myself in such a place when it comes to my sister. Let’s call her “Karol.”

The Opposite of Who You Are
My sister is definitely the opposite of who I am.  It seems like there are more differences than things we share in common.  This is where you have to be very cautious. Anything we don’t understand, it [the lack of understanding the thing] is a target for us to show prejudices.  That simply means we can alienate a person. I’m certain at times she feels this way. So for me to understand her without bias, we will begin with what she has that inspires even me.  You should do the same of those you struggle with to identify their gifts.

Identifying What Inspires
Have you ever seen a person who can do almost anything, except the things you’d want them to do?  This is my sister. Before I take that rabbit-trail and tell you what I’d like to see her doing, let me stay with what inspires.  

  • Athleticism.  If you know her, this one will catch you by surprise.  I must go back a ways in time that is. You see I’ve never been interested or excited about sports.  There was nothing I liked about playing football and while I was good at track, I hated it too. I hated losing, so track wasn’t going to work for me.  However, when I saw my sister in her gymnastic meets, I realized I was a great spectator. Watching her brought such life and enjoyment. It wasn’t just gymnastics, or cheering or even dance; she had a gift for entertaining and energizing others.  This was something I didn’t have.
  • Making the grade.  As you know, a Clark is required to make the best grades; it’s not optional.  Let’s just say “Karol” did her best, but keep in mind that her best exceeded average.  It was uncommon enough to make the difference. The only time what you have isn’t great is when you compare it to something greater.  It doesn’t mean what you have isn’t great or uncommon. Let’s move on.
  • Overcoming living in the shadows.  This may have been the toughest issue “Karol” has ever had to overcome.  She lives in the shadow of two “extraordinary” brothers and was constantly reminded of it.  How does one deal with such a mind-job? There’s no doubt that this could cause a few self-esteem issues.  The thing is, she didn’t give up trying to find herself. She had to find the strength to move beyond those shadows and self-esteem issues that come with it.  That’s what you call an uncommon strength.
  • Reading and writing.  “Karol” impressed me with her incredible reading skills as she became a teenager.  She had reading skills that shocked me. Reading was an area where I struggled, but she’d knock out book after book.  However, she read stuff that I’d never read. What was wrong with her? She’d devour stuff that to me seemed meaningless.  If I stayed with that type of thinking I’d have missed her gift altogether which I will reveal in just a moment.
  • Ability to carry out the instructions.  She’s stuck by my side or should I say I’ve made her stick by my side.  Whatever instructions I give, she does. I won’t say it’s without question, but it’s certain with trust.  When I needed her assistance the most, she stepped in and carried the load. In hindsight, it might have been because there was a little drama involved.  Nonetheless, together with Pamela and me, she’s been very influential in supporting the platforms we’ve created.
  • Finding “the scoop” on the life of a person.  Most recently, we’ve discovered that she has a skill for finding the social scoop on any person if she can obtain just one single connection.  Not sure why this interests her, but it does and she’s darn good at it. In fact, I’ve not seen anything quite like it.  
  • Screen time.  Last but not least, she has a desire to be in front of the mic or camera and loves being front and center on her social media channels.  Lord, why? Regardless it’s a gift, her gift. 

As I prepare you for the big reveal, when you put a list of attributes together that you admire about a person, you’ll need to see the big picture.  For Karol, all these attributes reminded me of a conversation she and I had several months ago where I gave her some advice. I asked her to read and begin studying all she could about Oprah Winfrey.  Funny thing is, I couldn’t remember why we were having this conversation. At the time it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but now it all fits together. Drum roll please. Based on the characteristics and qualities mentioned above, I see the gift.  It’s what Wikipedia says Oprah Winfrey’s been dubbed, the “Queen of All Media.”  So without further a-duo, let me introduce you to the “Queen of Media.”   X-woman? No. Extraordinary woman. eXtra-woman!

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