8 Ideas for Addressing God Regarding Your Office Administration

Praying for “You Incorporated” – Part 5

The Business of Prayer – Part 5.5

This is the business of prayer where our goal is to teach you how to never again run out of things to pray. We think of prayer like a farmer who sows seeds and a crop is produced and harvested. If your prayers are seeds, then what type of harvest can you expect? A big harvest? A small harvest? No harvest? A great harvest? Regardless, this message is to help those interested in taking prayer to the next level. This is next level prayer.

What is office administration?
How are you maintaining the office that runs your home? Does your home have office hours? What if this was the question that God asked you today? What would your response be? Before you can answer, you need a little background on what office administration is as it relates to you, your home, and your family.

You see, your life is a business, the business God has given you. We all are managing it whether we think of it this way or not. The question is, are you managing yours well? Like any business, there’s someone who is handling the office work. There are people who handle the mail, store the files, and oversee the appointments on the calendar. In your home, you have the same tasks to fulfill. You have mail and email that must be processed. You have files that must be stored. You have calendars that must be synced and the various tasks that come with running the day to day affairs of a home or a life. When was the last time you invited God into the mix of all of this? For most it’s never or at times few and far between. It’s time to include God in things very few people think of including Him in. Treat your office administration as a department you can report to God on.

Ways you can report to God on your office administration.
Let’s discuss eight ways in which you might report to God with regards to your office administrative duties. Keep in mind that what I’m about to share isn’t all inclusive. I’m certain you can come up with more ways you can report to God regarding your office administration.

  1. Managing Supplies
    How are you managing the supplies for your home? One of the things I hate most is to run out of things we regularly need, like paper towels, hand soap, etc. This might seem like a simple thing to fix, but when you pray about such things God will provide a process that not only eliminates the problem, but takes one’s household to the next level when it comes to such things. In fact, we never run out of anything because God has given us a process for making sure our business, which is our lives, has everything it needs. This is the business of prayer.



  2. Adding to Your Toolkit.
    I think one day Pamela and I will write a book about our toolkit. Actually it’s not as much about the tools, but the processes behind the tools. Today, the majority of our toolkit is digital tools, like our phones, financial software, and cloud-based apps. Remember, when you pray about such things God will show you how to take your office administration to the next level. Here’s just one example: He gave us the idea and process on how to go from a paper storage system for our important documents and keepsakes to a digital (paperless) process that’s made a world of difference in our home. Why don’t you stop and take a moment to ask God to help you with a solution to one of the challenges your family faces in this area? This is next level prayer!



  3. Implementing Digital and Physical Tools, Apps, Storage.
    Does your family talk about the tools whether digital or physical that you use to do life together? One of our tools is the Roku TV devices and Alexa. We discussed and researched these items prior to implementing. Before we pulled the trigger, we talked our plans through with God in prayer. In this way, we share with Him how we’re improving our lives and what implementing such devices will add to our family.
    What has God placed in your hearts and minds that you haven’t pulled the trigger on? Begin researching and then take your discoveries to Him in prayer to obtain His feedback. This is the business of prayer.



  4. Storing Photos and Memorabilia.
    Two areas that we found problems in storing were photos and memorabilia. We held pictures and images on thumb-drives, storage cards, portable hard-drives, and other drives. It became so bad it was hard to figure out what was where. Then to add to that the items we wanted to keep as memorabilia ended up in places that ensured the precious items were no longer salvageable. These might seem like small issues and they are in the grand scheme of things, but God doesn’t care about the size of your problem. In fact, there are no size limit constraints on your prayers. However, I know there is one constraint that is common to us all; we don’t pray enough. The Bible says pray about everything. [1]

    When we prayed about these two minute challenges, we were given God-sized solutions. They’re God-sized because those problems were eliminated. With the photos, God inspired us to go all in to all things digital. Therefore, we decided to store our photos digitally which later led to the creation of our year-in-review, family yearbooks. Regarding the memorabilia, God gave us the idea of using storage bins labeled by year to store in our garage. This might sound simple, but up until God gave us these ideas, we had no solution. We were stuck with pills of memorabilia everywhere, but nowhere, and tons of images that were disorganized to say the least. This point is to encourage you to pray about even the smallest things. Now, we not only report to God on these items but have something very nice to show for it. When was the last time you showed God the progress on something He asked you to accomplish? This is the business of prayer.



  5. Setting Up Family Communication Methods.
    Sometimes I’m surprised when families can’t seem to figure out something the business world has already solved, like how to communicate as a group. We often overlook the obvious. This is why we should pray. Have you asked God what you should use to communicate with your family? I remember once Pamela and I couldn’t figure out how to keep up with emails that we both needed. She’d get something and then have to forward it to me. A bill in my name would go paperless and send an email to me that I’d have to forward to Pamela. Through prayer, God gave us the idea of creating a distribution email list. GO figure, a distribution list for our home. In other words, we created an email address that simply forwarded emails to us both which we now use for all shared communications. In what ways do you need to improve your family’s method of communicating? It’s essential to the office administration of your home. Now is the time to ask God. We call this the business of prayer!



  6. Consolidating Your Calendars.
    I almost want to laugh at this one. We often see families struggling to keep up with all their activities. Mom has her calendar and work calendar. Dad has his work calendar. The kids have a calendar based on memory. And then there is the family calendar of events that we’re supposed to just remember. We keep things in our heads like anniversaries and birthdays. Why? If we treat our life like the business God has given us and talk to Him about our challenges, we can expect a resolution, a harvest from our seeds of prayer.
    When we presented our calendar challenges to God, obviously the solution would be to create a shared calendar. Well that’s exactly what we gained from prayer but we were also taught a very important philosophy. We decided not to have separate calendars as if we have separate lives. Our work calendars are a part of our personal calendars. You see, we don’t live two lives or three, we have only one. Therefore we only manage one complete calendar respectively. Reporting to God what’s happening regarding our schedule is critical otherwise we’ll have a schedule that doesn’t have His input. With the busy lives we lead, we could certainly use His input. This is next level prayer!



  7. Scheduling Maintenance.
    I started to combine this point with the one above regarding calendars. However, scheduling maintenance and other work that must be done occurs more often than we think. Therefore we need a way to manage it, but more importantly report on it. I’ve heard it said that acquiring possessions isn’t the hard part of the task; it’s maintaining it. How are you keeping up your landscaping? How often are you cleaning your house and your bathrooms? Are your beds made? Trash taken out?
    Pamela and I had allocated a portion of our resources for some type of maintenance and needed to decide what areas we should apply it to. You can guess what happened next, we prayed. We asked God to help us to determine the best option. You see both options were good, but we only had room for one of the options: hire someone to clean our home or mow the lawn. Then God asked me how I felt about cleaning toilets and then He asked me how Pamela felt about cleaning them. His questions led to the decision that suited us best and the rest is History. This is what we mean when we say the business of prayer. If God is your boss and He is, then why aren’t you obtaining His approval for what happens in your life and your world? This is next level prayer!



  8. Publishing a Year-in-Review.
    Our year-end activities include reviewing the major activities of our lives in God’s presence. This was just one of many ideas He gave us in order to improve our time together at the end of the year. What if you had a book of the photos of the major events from your year? That’s why we have a year-book for our family’s major events. We use it in two ways: 1) to remind us of how good God has been and 2) a way to capture the moments that matter most to us. Using this method as a way to transform our prayer time is awesome. We simply go through it page by page and thank God for what has occurred and ask Him to influence us for the year ahead using the past events to give way to the future events. Again, let me say this “everything rises and falls on prayer.” If you’ve not invited God into every moment of your life that’s sending a message that says you don’t need God every moment of your life. This is the business of prayer!

Since your life is your business and a business has a department for handling its office administration, how’s yours? If it’s non-existent, I suggest you begin one by asking God where to start. In order for you to take your life to the next level, every part of your life needs to go with you. Take your office administration to the next level. The place in your life that needs the greatest attention is also the place where it needs a greater amount of prayer. Let’s step it up in the area of prayer. Let’s pray for our office administration activities, duties, and projects. This is the business of prayer.

Question: what other valuable office administrative activities can you think to add to our list as a focus of our next level prayers?

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All Scripture references used by permission, see our Scripture copyrights.

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