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Praying for “You Incorporated” – Part 4

The Business of Prayer – Part 5.4

If your life is your business and it is, then how would you report on your facilities? We like to think of your facilities as your dwelling and possessions. Every business has a facility and possessions that they own to do business. Your life is no different. You have a place to live otherwise known as your dwelling and more than likely you have some type of transportation. At any rate, if you had to stand before God, almighty, each morning to give a report on your facilities department what would you report?

At this moment your mind should be going wild thinking of what makes up your facilities. Your initial thinking may be on what you need to add to your fleet or improvements that need to be made, but don’t forget to report on the things you have done like stock your supplies. God wants to be involved in how you replenish your supplies, to, talking about who are your suppliers. There are so many variables one must consider when thinking of his or her facilities. Try not to leave anything on the table when it comes to prayer. Let me remind you that this is next level prayer.

Here are a few examples to get your going when reporting to God regarding your facilities.

Your home.
The obvious big one is your place of dwelling. Whether you own it or not, you should still take it to God in prayer.

Are you interested in owning your own home or multiple homes? Do you dream of owning homes you’d like to rent or homes to support others?

While that’s extreme thinking, let’s focus on some basics. What would you like to see happen to your current dwelling? Ask God two help you and your family accomplish these desires.

When we moved into our home, we were leasing it. The owner leasing it to us told us to name the monthly rate we’d like to pay. This was a direct result of the prayers we were praying. You see, prayer takes what normally happens and brings uncommon results. If you want ordinary results you need not pray. You see prayer takes what’s average and takes it (the focus of your prayer) to the next level.

Then when the previous owner of our home sold us the very same home, he again asked us to name the amount. This time we went from leasing the home to owning and each time through prayer we received uncommon favor. When it comes to your home you should be compelled to pray over it.

In fact, we asked God that when people enter our home that they feel His peace and comfort while on the premises. This next level prayer!

Upkeep of your current possessions.
Everything that you own or possess requires upkeep and maintenance. It’s one thing to acquire something, but another to maintain it. This is where help from God is very important. We want to make sure we are taking care of what God has given us. Because what we have came from prayer, we know it’s all a gift given to us from God. Therefore, we are very serious about how we maintain it and what we place inside of it. We want to show God how appreciative we are of what all He’s given us. So ask Him for His opinion on how we present your home.

For example, we talk with God regarding what should be on walls. We ask God’s opinion before making a purchase. Once we obtain something we pray over it. I can’t tell you how many laps around our pool I’ve taken in prayer. I remember when we purchased Pamela’s most recent vehicle, we held it in the garage for six week before she could drive it and we prayed during this time over her vehicle and what it represented at this stage of her life. You thought prayer was easy? It’s not hard, but it takes work. This is the business of prayer.

Auto needs.
What auto needs do you have? Are you in the market for purchasing? Pray over the market. Maybe it will be a while before you need a new vehicle, plan for the next one and pray over your plans.

Our daughter is nearing the age for driving and she’s going to need something to drive. So you know what we’ve been doing besides looking, we’ve been praying first. This lesson on the business of prayer is more about making prayer a lifestyle and not an event. I want you to be like those in the Bible who spoke with God and God speaks to you regarding all your concerns. This is next level prayer!

Repairs and maintenance.
Most people take it for granted that automobiles need repairs, brakes, oil changes, tires (I need to say that twice). What’s your plan for all of this? Has Jesus heard your plan and have you presented it to Him? He might ask you to set up a bank account just for these needs so that it doesn’t create problems for you. This is what He did for Pamela and me. We have a digital envelope in one of our bank accounts that holds the funds for estimated repairs and maintenance for the year. What are you reporting to the CEO of your life which is the business He’s given you. This is all possible when you’re serious about prayer. This is the business of prayer!

What have you accomplished this week? This month? What’s scheduled?
I like asking questions like this. They give us an opportunity to provide our CEO (God) with a forecast for what’s coming. Our forecasts are great, because it gives us an idea of what God’s about to help us accomplish. Ancient scripture has two sayings that support this thought. One, you have not because you ask not. [1] And two, God supplies you need. [2] If you have no needs, then He has no need to supply. What’s on your radar? What are currently working this week, this month? What’s on your schedule of things to do with your facilities this year? This is the business of prayer and this is God we’re talking about!

Question: what other facilities related activities can you add to our list as a focus for your next level prayer?

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All Scripture references used by permission, see our Scripture copyrights.

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